AEU is organizing a forum to introduce educational Master’s programs

The "College of Education" organized in the “UAE University” in cooperation with the “Abu Dhabi Education Council” on Monday (24/2/2014), a forum to introduce the Master programs offered, in the presence of his Excellency Dr. “Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili”, Director General of the Council, his Excellency Dr. “Ali Rashid Al Noaimi" UAEU Vice Chancellor, Professor “Steven Bossert", Dean of the College, and a number of faculty members, professionals and students.
"Al Khaili" in his speech addressed to the audience, said that the “Abu Dhabi Education Council" is proud of the strategic partnership with the University, and the development of programs of education, especially higher education, is a key part of the Council’s plan which is an important part of the "UAE Vision 2021" and "Abu Dhabi Vision 2030", therefore, cooperation between government institutions in the development process and educational development is inevitable in any way particularly in the teacher training course which is an essential element in the development process of comprehensive education in the State.

He added that the Council discussed the issue of needed specialties with the University, particularly in the area of educational psychological disciplines, and they are working together to provide these specialties and development them in response to the labor market.

“Al Khaili” clarified that the new job structure launched by the Council for the development of new jobs and the introduction of some adjustments, focused on a very important aspect, which is to give priority to national Emirati cadres, support them and provide facilities to attract the UAE competencies to work under the umbrella of the Council through improved salaries, job structure and create new allocations and allowances for equality between men and women, Master's and Doctoral graduates to encourage them to enter the field of higher educational specialties.
“Al Khaili” affirmed that the Council’s vision is to support and rehabilitate the  Emirati teacher  for a very important reason is that he is responsible for transferring the national identity to students, in addition to his other educational duty, He called students of the "College of Education" at the "UAE University" to shoulder their responsibilities and develop skills to support this mission and vision, in addition to the need to focus on Arabic language support, as it was agreed with the University Administration on the idea of establishing a special center for Arabic language, this idea will be turned into reality soon.

Dr. “Ali Rashid Al Noeimi” offered his thanks and appreciation to the “Abu Dhabi Education Council”, and the unlimited support for the students of the "UAE University" generally and the "College of Education" specifically, and expressed the University’s pride in their partnership with the Council, which is an important starting point for the development of the educational process in the State through genuine participation in creating UAE national cadres capable of carrying the mission for education.

“Al Noeimi” asked in his speech the students enrolled in Master's programs at the "College of Education" to convert this move into a practical platform for positive change which affects supporting and developing the personal, professional, career, community and the educational side for the benefit of society and students.

Dr. “Hala Elhoweris", Master's Program Coordinator at the College, made a detailed presentation of the programs offered and the reasons of their development  in partnership with the Council, since the College has a prominent place on the local and international level, and was been able to receive recognition from the academic world twice in (2005) and (2010). The College offers three programs which are “Master of Education- Curriculum and Instruction Methods" includes Tracks (Arabic; English; Islamic Studies; Mathematics; Science; & Social Studies), and “Master of Education - Educational Leadership” and “Master of Education - Special Education".

"Elhoweris" stressed that these programs have been developed in accordance with international quality standards, international requirements and the requirements of the UAE learning environment, it was developed by a group of professors and professionals, in addition to featuring multidisciplinary specialties, the College through these programs aims to graduate students with advanced educational capacities who are able to write research and foresee prospects of modern teaching methods and their application.

Elhoweris" said that the requirements for admission to the program are for students to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Education or equivalent from a University accredited by the “UAE Ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research”, and for non-Bachelor's degree holders of degrees from accredited institutions, GPA of at least (3.00) out of (4.00) or equivalent during the years of undergraduate study, in addition to (6.0) in the (EILTS) exam or (79) out of (80) in the (TOFEL iBT) test or (550) in (TOFEL PBT) test in addition to three recommendation letters.
The student must pass (36) credits hours of instruction and the language of study is English, with Arabic-language courses and a choice of writing the thesis in Arabic or English.

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