Researchers at the United Arab Emirates ‎University launch a book on robots in education ‎in English and German in cooperation with ‎international scientists

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The book targets public and private school ‎teachers to give them an opportunity to ‎introduce robots into the education process

Within the framework of recent scientific discoveries, the ‎uses of robots and artificial intelligence and their various ‎applications, which have become prominent for future ‎leadership in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ‎researchers from the United Arab Emirates University ‎launched a book entitled “Robots in Education:  An ‎Introduction to High-Tech Social Agents, Intelligent Tutors.  ‎It was co-authored by a number of creative and innovative ‎faculty members and researchers at the United Arab ‎Emirates University and researchers and academics from ‎various international universities. The book was published ‎in international publishing houses in both English and ‎German‏.‏

Dr. Fady Alnajjar - author of the book - Associate ‎Professor in the Department of Computer Science and ‎Software Engineering at the UAEU College of Information ‎Technology said, The launch of this book to the world ‎provides an opportunity for researchers and those ‎interested in artificial intelligence and robotics to review ‎the latest research results, ideas and innovative scientific ‎opinions. They can also reach the authors of the book for ‎knowledge and scientific exchange.  The results would ‎develop the use of robots in an effective and influential ‎manner in the educational process to transfer and ‎activate the education system and effective ‎communication between the student, the teacher and the ‎‎"robot".  It can also expand the circle of perception and ‎knowledge for all participants of the educational process ‎in an innovative environment that promotes innovation ‎and production and exchange of new and sustainable ‎knowledge‏.‏

Dr. Fady pointed out that this book is the fruit of the ‎inspiring encounters between scientists and researchers ‎from different countries of the world at the United Arab ‎Emirates University. It is the outcome of experience of ‎ten authors over several years. The book sheds light on a ‎set of important topics in a simplified manner for the ‎general public in the use and development of smart ‎robots in the education process, and he said, "The book ‎specifically targets public and private school teachers to ‎give them an opportunity to introduce robots into the ‎education process‏."‏

Robots in Education is an accessible introduction to the ‎use of robotics in formal learning, encompassing ‎pedagogical and psychological theories as well as ‎implementation in curricula. Today, a variety of ‎communities across education are increasingly using ‎robots as general classroom tutors, tools in STEM ‎projects, and subjects of study. This volume explores how ‎the unique physical and social-interactive capabilities of ‎educational robots can generate bonds with students ‎while freeing instructors to focus on their individualized ‎approaches to teaching and learning. Authored by a ‎uniquely interdisciplinary team of scholars, the book ‎covers the basics of robotics and their supporting ‎technologies; attitudes toward and ethical implications of ‎robots in learning; research methods relevant to ‎extending our knowledge of the field; and more.‎


  • Fady Alnajjar is Associate Professor in the Department ‎of Computer Science and Software Engineering in the ‎College of Information Technology at United Arab ‎Emirates University, UAE.‎
  • Christoph Bartneck is Associate Professor & Director of ‎Postgraduate Studies in the HIT Lab NZ at the University ‎of Canterbury, New Zealand.‎
  • Paul Baxter is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science ‎‎(Autonomous Systems) and Founding and Steering Group ‎member of the Autism Research and Innovation Centre ‎‎(ARIC) at the University of Lincoln, UK.‎
  • Tony Belpaeme is Professor in the Faculty of ‎Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University, ‎Belgium, and Full Professor in Cognitive Systems and ‎Robotics at Plymouth University, UK.‎
  • Massimiliano Cappuccio is Senior Researcher in the ‎School of Engineering and Information Technology at the ‎University of New South Wales Canberra, Australia, and ‎adjunct Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates ‎University, UAE.‎
  • Cinzia Di Dio is Researcher in the Faculty of Education ‎in the Department of Psychology at Università Cattolica ‎del Sacro Cuore, Italy.‎
  • Friederike Eyssel is Full Professor in the Department ‎of Psychology and Head of Applied Social Psychology Lab ‎at Bielefeld, Germany.‎
  • Jürgen Handke is Professor in the Department of ‎English and American Studies at the Philipps University of ‎Marburg, Germany.‎
  • Omar Mubin is Senior Lecturer in Human Computer ‎Interaction in the School of Computer, Data, and ‎Mathematical Sciences at Western Sydney University, ‎Australia.‎
  • Mohammad Obaid is Associate Professor of Human-‎Computer Interaction and Head of the Interaction Design ‎Unit inthe Department of Computer Science and ‎Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, ‎Sweden.‎
  • Natalia Reich-Stiebert is Research Fellow at the ‎Department of Social Psychology at the University of ‎Hagen, Germany.‎
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