Prof. Eric Mensah Brown

Department of Anatomy

Professor Eric Mensah Brown is a professor of Anatomy in the College of Medicine. He was born in Kumasi, Ghana. After secondary school he attended the University of Ghana Medical School in 1980 and gained a MBChB degree. After three years medical practice with the Ministry of Health in Ghana he moved to England to undertake graduate studies at the University of Leicester. After completing a Ph.D in embryology, Eric returned to Ghana as a lecturer. He also worked as a senior lecturer at Walter Sisulu University in South Africa before joining the College of Medicine at the United Arab Emirates University in 1992 as an assistant professor of Anatomy.

In addition to his duties as a professor of Anatomy he has served as member of the Curriculum Committee (including chairing it) and as a course director of the Medical Sciences and Organ Systems courses. He is presently the Chair of the Faculty Governance Review Committee (designing and reviewing faculty governance documents) and the Faculty Assembly as well as being a representative on the College Council.

He has received best teacher award several times. His research interests include morphological studies of the camel and the houbara bustard. For the last few years Eric has worked on studying autoimmune diabetes and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE). He has presented papers at several immunology conferences and been involved with other research activities. At the moment he is a reviewer for the Kidney International, Molecular Immunology, Human Immunology and Immunology journals. He has published 50 peer-refereed papers. The highlights of his studies on autoimmunity have included observations on the role of microglia as antigen presenting cells in EAE; the role of interleukin (IL)-23/IL-17 and Toll-like receptor 2 pathways in experimentally induced diabetes, where interferon gamma served as a facilitator rather than an opposing factor. He has also researched the role of galectin-3 in animal models of human type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. A micrograph on the role of IL-23 was used as a cover illustration for an issue of the European Journal of Immunology. In the last five years he has expanded his research interests into the epigenetic regulation of metabolic syndrome, and together with colleagues, has received several interdisciplinary and faculty grants from the university worth more than 2 million AED.

Professor Mensah Brown is married with four children, three daughters and a son. His wife is a retired teacher. Their eldest daughter lives in the UAE and is a businesswoman. The second daughter is a medical physicist working at the Kansas University Medical School Cancer Center, in the USA, while the final daughter is an eighth grade Algebra teacher in Minneapolis. Their only son is a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania.

His hobbies include apologetics, philosophy of religions and reading. He also loves traveling. In the past he was a keen tennis and soccer player but now limits physical activity to walking and riding his  bicycle.

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