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Content Management System (Omniupdate)

OmniUpdate is a web content management system that allows editing of websites anytime and anywhere using a Web Browser. Omni is very easy to use; content authors don’t need to know HTML, and they don’t need any special software. Also, one greatest advantage is the support for Arabic content, which was not possible with the old content management system.

Web pages are created in OmniUpdate by using templates, which are based on the UAEU branding guidelines. There are many layouts to choose form: Entrance page, 1-column, 2-column, and 3-column layouts.

There are several benefits to using Luminis CMS for web sites maintenance:

  • Document lifecycle management provides the ability to identify when a web page should be published, when/if it should be automatically removed from the web site, and when it should be reviewed.
  • Document workflow provides the ability to introduce an approval process to webpage publication. 
  • Template-driven web page content makes it easier to ensure that web pages maintain University brand standards and follow established web publishing guidelines.  If a template is changed, all of the web pages that uses it will be automatically republished in the next page rendering cycle.
  • Centralized system administration and backup.  CMS databases and files are backed up using centralized backup procedures.
  • Arabic content editing support.

Request a new CMS (OmniUpdate) web site:

If you would like to start working with UITS – Web Services Team on creating a new website or migrating your existing website to the CMS, please browse to UITS PMO website and submit a New Project Request Form. (Click here)

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