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  • Colleges

    The United Arab Emirates University has 9 separate Colleges,... (more)

  • Undergraduate Programs

    Here you will find the list of all Undergraduate Programs offered by UAEU...(more)

  • Graduate Programs

    Here you will find the list of all Graduate Programs offered by UAEU...(more)

  • Registration

    The University’s Registration Department is the trustee of student records... (more)

  • Student Accounts Office

    The Student Accounts Office manages student account transactions for tuition, housing, general deposits and other charges on a student's account... (more)

  • Libraries

    United Arab Emirates University currently houses two outstanding libraries that include….(more)

  • Career Opportunities

    The ‘Job Navigator’ online portal provides UAEU graduates with the opportunity to browse through hundreds of jobs available at….(more)

  • Research & Sponsored Projects Office

    We are ready to support each individual effort that contributes to the enhancement of the UAEU's standing as a research University..(more)

  • Continuing Education Center

    Our continuing education programs are designed to help individuals and organizations grow — whether it's exploring an interest, developing skills or learning new knowledge....(more)

  • Student Handbook

    The Student Handbook is a reference guide for both undergraduate and postgraduate students providing links to services and information about the University.....(more)

Oct 22, 2017