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Ethical Review

The UAEU regards the maintenance of high ethical standards in research as a central and critical responsibility, and takes the greatest care in ensuring that the ethics and integrity of research is upheld, as the individual researcher has a responsibility not only to him/herself but also to society.

Members of the academic community have the responsibility to act in accordance with the UAE law, in addition to cultural norms as well as the UAEU codes of practice, policies, and standards of professionalism.

The UAEU has a Research Ethics Review Board that is responsible for establishing and maintaining ethical review of research proposals. Researchers who plan to perform research on subjects at UAEU must obtain approval of the University in advance. To request a Research Ethics Review please download the form here.

Note: Any research project requiring experiments that deal with human and animal subjects or tissue, hazardous/bio-hazardous material or processes, as well as questionnaires has to get approval from the UAEU Research Ethics Committees as outlined in the Research Policies and Procedures. To submit your application proceed to Ethics Application Submission Portal.

Request and inquiries should be directed to the research.office@uaeu.ac.ae.

Apr 13, 2017