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Intellectual Property

UAEU has an emerging Intellectual Property (IP's) portfolio. Since 2010; more than 80 distinct inventions have been filed and about 190 subsequent patent applications in total at various jurisdictions. Up to December 2015; UAEU has obtained about 36 patents granted under its name (see IP achievements as of Dec 2014).

Any invention (whether or not patentable) made during research conducted under UAEU auspices will require a written disclosure of the invention to UAEU. In the written disclosure, the inventors must commit to cooperate in the preparation of any patent applications disclosed during the term of employment at the UAEU.

The UAEU may require inventors to formally assign ownership of intellectual property to the University. For the students, the University treats them in the same way as a University employee, for the purposes of sharing any revenue arising from the commercial exploitation of that intellectual property


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the University and inventor, in the event that the University receives income from intellectual property that is derived in the course of employment, and that is not agreed in writing to be a specially commissioned work, the first AED 5,000 net income will be distributed to the inventor(s), and any net income above AED 5,000 per calendar year will be divided as follows: 50% to the inventor(s); 30% to the OVPRGS to support research and scholarly activities at the University; 5% to the inventor's College, if applicable. The remaining income goes to the inventor's Department or equivalent unit as per the University IP policies and procedures.

To initiate the process please download and fill the UAEU IP Disclosure Form. Email the form to IP@uaeu.ac.ae and send the original signed copy to:

Intellectual Property Unit/ Research and Sponsored Projects
Division of Research & Graduate Studies
Crescent Building, D4, First Floor, with attention to: Mohamed Al Hemairy (Head of Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Office).

For further help or information concerning filing a patent application or IP commercialization opportunities, kindly contact:

Mohamed Al Hemairy (PhD/ABT), Head of IP & T.T. Office

Tel:+971-3-7134111, or email at: M.Hussien@uaeu.ac.ae

Apr 13, 2017