Student Services

  • Health Services

    The University is dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to all UAEU students ... (more)

  • Student Counseling and Support Services

    The Student Counseling Center (SCC) provides individual and group counseling to students at the United Arab Emirates University ... (more)

  • Special Needs Services

    The Special Needs Services Center (SNS) ensures that all UAEU students with disabilities have access to educational opportunities equal to their fellow students ... (more)

  • Customer Service Center

    The Customer Service Center was established in order to reduce the difficulties and delays faced by students looking to avail of a particular service  ... (more)

  • Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Department assists UAEU students with visa applications, health insurance costs, transportation fees, and many other financial needs ... (more)

  • International Student Services (Non – National Students)

    The Non-National Students Office (NNSO) offers a wide variety of services and programs to international students at the United Arab Emirates University ... (more)

  • Center for Career Placement & Alumni

    The Center for Career Placement and Alumni (CCPA) provides students with many opportunities for career preparation and employment...(more)

  • Transportation Services

    The Transportation Section provides internal and external transportation services to the UAEU community through its modern fleet….(more)

May 10, 2015