University College

Welcome to the website for the UAEU’s University College! Here you will find information about all of the University College units, but I want to emphasize that all units of the University College work together as a system to support students in attaining the five essential capabilities of UAEU graduates:

(1) Arabic language proficiency (native and non-native speakers),
(2) English language proficiency,
(3) numerical literacy,
(4) critical thinking and independent scholarly enquiry, and
(5) skills and values transferable to employment,

further study and informed and engaged citizenship.Of course, students will find that they will develop these capabilities in their major programs as well, but most students will find that their university exposure to these educational goals occurs first in their Foundation years and then the development of these capabilities is reinforced throughout their undergraduate years in the General Education program.

The University College is committed to assisting new students with the successful transition to UAEU; enhancing student engagement; integrating academic and co-curricular programs; connecting students with available resources; and fostering both independent and lifelong learning.

The University College is comprised of three units that include; the University Foundation Program, the Student Academic Success Program, and the General Education Program. Most new students will take courses in the Foundation Program and visit the Student Academic Success Program(SASP) laboratories and advisors frequently. They will continue to use the support provided by SASP for tutoring help and academic advising, throughout their years at the University. When they begin their Bachelor’s program work they will be studying major and minor program subjects, but they will also start to take their General Education coursework. Sometimes the major and minor programs are called “depth” subjects and General Education are “breadth” subjects, assuring that the whole person is educated. The University College works hand-in-glove with the other colleges and the Student Affairs division to provide the best undergraduate experience for our students that we possibly can.

Jul 30, 2017