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Relevant Publications

Ardah, M. T.

, Paleologou, K. E., Lv, G., Abul Khair, S. B., Kazim, A. S., Minhas, S. T., Al-Tel, T. H., Al-Hayani, A. A., Haque, M. E., Eliezer, D. and El-Agnaf,

O. M. (2014) ‘Structure activity relationship of phenolic acid inhibitors of


-synuclein fibril formation and toxicity’, Front Aging Neurosci, 6, 197. IF 2.8

Ardah, M.T

., Paleologou, K. E., Lv, G., Menon, S. A., Abul Khair, S. B., Lu J.H., Garabedian, B. S., Al-Hayani, A. A., Eliezer, D., Li, M. and El-Agnaf O. M.

• Ginsenoside Rb1 Inhibits Fibrillation and Toxicity of Alpha-Synuclein and Disaggregates Preformed Fibrils, Neurobiology of Disease. IF 5.2

• Lu, J. H.,

Ardah, M. T.,

Durairajan, S. S., Liu, L. F., Xie, L. X., Fong, W. F., Hasan, M. Y., Huang, J. D., El-Agnaf, O. M., and Li, M. (2011) Baicalein inhibits

formation of


-synuclein oligomers within living cells and prevents A


peptide fibrillation and oligomerisation. Chembiochem12, 615-624. IF: 5.614

Career Aspirations

After my graduation, I joined a post-doctoral research fellow in my current lab, to extend my PhD study in Neuroscience. Later I’m aspiring to

attend an international group in Neurodegeneration disorders either in Canada or USA as a scientist to be my first step to have my own group in

Neuroscience research.

May 31, 2016
Dec 13, 2017