Page 29 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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internally and by external providers. Many Faculties
have incorporated changes and streamlined their
administrative processes, allowing them to concentrate
on their core academic functions.
Faculty Recognition
Faculty continue to be recognized for their scholarly
contributions and amongst others have won the Award
of Abd Hamid Shouman for Young Scholars, YoungArab
Researcher Prize, Princess Haya Award in Outstanding
Research in Special Education, the Taryam Omran
Appreciation Award for excellence and creativity in the
Media, and the Sheikh Khalifa Award for Education in
which two faculty were recognized; as a distinguished
professor in scientific research and for innovative
educational programs.
The first faculty recognition dinner was held by the
Vice Chancellor in honor of the faculty promoted at the
beginning of the new academic year.
Rebranding UAEU
One very key element of the UAEU Transformation
Plan was to strengthen its brand identity both inside the
UAE and world-wide. Consulting extensively across the
university and with input from a professional firm, the
new University brand was launched and implemented
during 2010/2011 that gives the UAEU its own unique
presentation and recognition as a leading educational,
research-intensive institution.
Student and Employee Surveys
The Course and Instructor Surveys conducted this year
to solicit student feedback for the purpose of ongoing
improvement, questions which are given in both English
and Arabic to ensure full comprehension, show that
instructors received an overall approval rating of 96%
for Foundation courses and 97% for ESP courses.
Courses received approval ratings of between 80% and
90%. Student evaluations show faculty members were
consistently rated highly by students.
The second Annual Employee Satisfaction survey
was conducted in the Spring 2011 semester with the
prime objective of assessing employees’ perceptions
about the organization and to evaluate their satisfaction
with the quality of services provided by UAEU. A high
percentage of respondents completed the survey with
a high proportion agreeing that their jobs are important
and their managers treat them with respect. Two-thirds
said they would recommend the UAEU to friends and
others as a place to work while 60 percent agreed that
employees receive quality services from the UAEU.
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