Page 28 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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A coordinated set of actions internal to the University
have been introduced to ensure both accountability
and ongoing improvements in the quality of our
programs. Changes in administration were based
on a dynamic strategy that categorizes system and
process improvements into three types, and aims to
automate processes that are paper-based, manual,
error-prone, repetitive and/or labor-intensive, to
outsource functions that are not core to its mission in
order to access world-class capabilities and improve
service quality, and to use key performance indicators
and the University’s performance management
framework to monitor systems and processes for
continuous business improvement.
The automation of manual, repetitive and labor-
intensive processes during the past year included the:
use of crystal reports for year-end closing
revision of the chart of accounts to meet the
requirements of the Ministry of Finance
implementation of an E-Fax system allowing users
to send and receive faxes directly from their PC’s
development of three online training and
development tracking systems to track employees
credentials, training sessions attended, and the
presentation and attendance at conferences
creation and implementation of a workflow
solution for publishing and printing
design of an in-house developed e-procurement
implementation of a secure e-payment system
with two major banks
In addition the UAEU is investigating automating utility
payments, a procurement planning system, and the
replacement of the online recruitment system.
Two main functions were considered for outsourcing
during 2010/2011, with an agreement being reached to
outsource the external maintenance and landscaping
services, while negotiations are at an advanced stage,
with an international company with a long history in
the region, for transportation services.
Continuous Business Improvement
During the 2010/2011 year the following systems and
processes were introduced:
a Customer Service Desk in the main entrance
of the Crescent Building, the location of the main
UAEU administrative hub, providing walk-in
visitors and employees with a variety of assistance
the creation and dissemination of User Guides for
all internally developed general services
a printing center that will produce UAEU branded
soft goods
enhanced employee exit and end-of-service
benefit payment processes
an upgrade and enhancement of Banner
recommendations, pending final approval, for
consolidated position titles and the job evaluation
Administrative Culture
Changes in systems, processes and human
resources have transformed the university with the
implementation of new procedures originating from
finance and HR, while staff have attended a variety
of professional development programs offered both
The administrative culture of UAEU has been transformed to one of policy,
delegation, audit and accountability, in order to increase creativity and the
effective use of resources. Attention is focused on human resource matters
to ensure optimal performance. Budgetary processes have been realigned
to support the Chancellor’s vision and the processes of change necessary
for its realization.
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