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United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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General Information

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - the first and foremost comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAEU aspires to become a comprehensive, research-intensive university and currently enrolls approximately 14,968 Emirati and international students

Leadership and innovation in higher education, research and community service at national and international levels.
"The university contributes to develop a sustainable educational and research future for the UAE, provides impactful societal contributions, develops competitive capabilities by encouraging research collaboration and innovation, establishes a stimulating environment for entrepreneurship and builds graduates' skills in line with the future labor market needs."
  • Respect for Heritage and Cultural Diversity: We respect the deep-rooted values and the rich heritage of the UAE and seek to sustain them.
  • Integrity and Transparency: We adhere to the highest ethical principles and work with integrity, transparency, and accountability to create trust and credibility.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: We support one another at work through cooperation and teamwork.
  • Leadership and continuous learning: We develop the spirit of innovation, proactiveness and excellence, and apply the best international practices in all of the university’s operations. We also value the focus on student success and the constant desire for continuous learning and knowledge sharing among stakeholders.
  • Effectiveness in Decision-making: We focus on outcomes, base our decisions and plans on evidence and analysis, and develop and adopt efficient systems and procedures that support the university’s core business.
  • Effective Communication: We are committed to effective communication, through a variety of communication methods, with all our stakeholders (staff, students, alumni, partners, vendors, and the local and international communities).
  • Dedication to Knowledge: We are committed to world-class education and scholarship relevant to student careers and community needs.
  • Cultivate a Culture of Innovation: We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation in our working environment.
  • Reinforce Competitiveness: We are committed to boosting our competitiveness and improving the university’s international reputation.
  1. Strategic Goal 1: Successful future-ready learners Create a proactive educational system that enhances the capabilities of students and prepares them to lead in the future labor market.
  2. Strategic Goal 2: Impactful Research and Innovation Use the University's research and innovation capabilities to find novel and sustainable solutions to future challenges and enhancing the global competitiveness of the University.
  3. Strategic Goal 3: Societal Impact Strengthen the University’s role in society by contributing actively to the goals of sustainable development and providing intelligent leadership for life-long learning.
  4. Main Goal 4: Strong internal & external collaboration Build and foster national and international partnerships that contribute to the promotion of the university’s reputation and its global standing.
  5. Main Goal 5: Distinguished services and proactive student experience Ensure that services are proactive and that the student experience is of the highest quality.
  6. Government Goal 6: Realize Institutional Effectiveness Recruit and retain the best talents, provide efficient and effective institutional services and digital infrastructure. 
  7. Government Goal 7: Innovation Management Reinforce institutional innovation practices that are based on agility, proactiveness, and readiness.
  8. Transformation Goal

History and Key Achievements

Throughout our short history we have helped shape our country and wider region through research and the dissemination of knowledge. We strive to preserve our national heritage, while pursuing innovate solutions and promoting academic excellence.


The “Roadmap to the University of the Future” was launched.


UAEU received institutional accreditation from WASC (Senior College and University Commission: WSCUC)


UAEU received institutional accreditation from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


University College is established. It includes three programs: the University Foundation Program; the Student Academic Success Program and the General Education Program.


Mobile learning is introduced and UAEU ranks in the top 50 world universities that were founded within the past 50 years (QS World University Rankings).


UAEU ranks 338 in the QS World University rankings. The highest rankings to date. The College of IT receives ABET Accreditation.


The university moves to a new state-of-the-art campus situated in Al Ain. The 80 hectare campus is a showcase of modern architecture, high-tech laboratories, specialized research centers, cutting-edge IT infrastructure and twenty-first century classroom technology


Educational accreditation is a voluntary peer review process by the higher education community that aims to assure academic quality and accountability and to encourage improvement. Accrediting agencies develop evaluation criteria and conduct peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met.

Student Success Indicators at UAEU

The university’s mission includes preparing graduates for future leadership roles. We aim to produce graduates who will be leaders and pioneers in their respective fields. 

Distinguished Alumni

UAEU has the largest alumni network in the UAE. We currently have more than 77,000 former students spread around the globe. Many of our graduates hold senior positions in academia, business, industry, and government ministries.

UAEU Facts & Figures



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Board Of Trustees

The Board Of Trustees is its Governing Board which, under Article 12 of the Federal Law No. 4 of 1976, is responsible for the quality, integrity, and financial sustainability of the University and for ensuring that its mission is being achieved. The Council exercises appropriate oversight over University policies and ongoing operations.

The Council is an independent policy-making body that, through its membership, activities, and decisions, is capable of reflecting constituent and public interest.

Please click here to view the Board of Trustees Bylaws

H.E Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh



The people of the United Arab Emirates hold a special place in their hearts for the United Arab Emirates University. It was founded as a flagship university for the nation with a mission to foster the sustainable development of our country. Over the past four decades the University has advanced scientific knowledge and scholarship of culture and society, guided by the clear directives of our leadership and sustained by the productive alliances it has forged with partners and institutions within our local communities and across global networks.

Today the University enjoys an international reputation for academic leadership and continues to serve the vision of its founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may his soul rest in eternal peace, and our present leader, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates. Our purpose is to engage, transform, and enable young people, so that they are prepared to address the challenges of tomorrow. Through their education, students develop the tools, skills, and attitudes required for innovation, life-long learning, curiosity, creativity and rigorous truth-seeking. We prepare them to excel, and inspire them to progress, and ensure they have the flexibility and resilience required to succeed and create prosperity and wellbeing in a future of social, economic, and political upheaval and change.

Our community of faculty, administrative staff and students is justifiably proud of the University’s service to the nation and its contribution to realizing the plans and aspirations of the country’s leadership. We have played a leading role in the institutionalization and professionalization of the nation, providing highly skilled graduates in diverse specialist fields including medicine, science, engineering, technology, literature, arts, humanities, economics, law, agriculture, and business. These serve the needs of the public and private sectors and respond to the requirements of local communities and their organizations. Our graduates meet the challenges of the present and are future ready. We are proud of our Alumni, who number in the tens of thousands. They have achieved great advances and success in their various fields of employment, helping to create the UAE into a modern, highly developed nation that progresses an important role on the global stage.

The University is committed to providing its students with a welcoming, supportive, and stimulating academic, social, and cultural environment. This safe and secure home base enables and inspires students to explore and widen their horizons, follow their curiosities and take risks, and discover and grow their different talents. Our students are encouraged to sharpen their thinking, and to identify and develop their distinctive personalities. We cultivate the foundations necessary for faculty and researchers to progress their intellectual inquiries and apply them to the needs of the nation. We are cognizant that the grave challenges and transformations experienced by societies in today’s world necessitate the active, vigorous pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship. In these ways, our scholars – students, faculty, and researchers, develop the aptitudes and qualifications that are prerequisites for the sustainable development and progress of our country in the years ahead.

We will therefore marshal our efforts and resources so that these are deployed effectively to fulfil our leadership’s vision of the leading role of our nation in the world of tomorrow. This requires us to align our academic strategies to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. For this reason we have introduced undergraduate and graduate programs that trace, pursue, and seek scientific and technical advances, and are consistent with practices at leading international universities. Our research infrastructure is modelled to the needs of scientific discovery and technological innovation, and includes a center dedicated to advancing the exploration of Space. With these directions, our university will achieve global recognition for its research excellence.

We share immense pride in the ways in which the University is fulfilling its role in empowering the current generation to meet the challenges of today and to serve the national agenda for the next 50 years in the development of the United Arab Emirates.

Prof. Ghaleb Ali Alhadrami Albreiki

Acting Vice Chancellor


The United Arab Emirates University strives to provide the best learning environment in order to achieve international standards and provide accredited academic programs. These higher education and graduate programs must keep pace with rapid changes in society and the labor market which needs national graduates capable of taking on responsibility. As such, we need to continue to develop in terms of scientific research. The university has already started on a radical shake up in various fields in order to reach international standards of excellence in its scientific and research practices.

UAEU has made innovation a strategic priority and seeks to encourage creativity and innovation that can contribute to strengthening sustainable development and the development of a knowledge economy at local and international levels. Through promoting creativity and innovation the university has established a competitive spirit throughout the scientific research community. This is in line with the national leadership’s ambitious vision of striving for continued excellence and leadership.

The university prepares students by developing skills, abilities and talents. This prepares graduates for the labor market. The continuous assessment of the teaching and learning process reflects the university’s desire to prepare students for the labor market.

UAEU is improving in terms of employee and administrative efficiency. This, in turn, lays the foundations to support business development, teamwork, innovation and efficiency. There are also ongoing periodical revisions of internal regulations, policies and procedures which benefit the university community and our strategic partners.

The high ranking of UAEU as a leading scientific institution in higher education in the UAE is the result of sustained efforts towards creativity, innovation and scientific research, while still safeguarding the societal values and principles promoted by the national leadership.

Prof. Ghaleb Ali Alhadrami Albreiki

Deputy VC for Academic Affairs (Provost)


Welcome to the Office of the VC for Academic Affairs. Our office promotes and supports the academic environment for teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and service to our community and the world. Our goal is to facilitate the success of our students and faculty in all endeavors.

The United Arab Emirates University, with its nine colleges, distinctive research centers and institutes, offers our students a unique educational experience. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of academic quality of our undergraduate and graduate programs. We are proud that our academic programs prepare our students to be our nation's future leaders. Similarly, our graduate programs provide our students with opportunities to advance their study in both professional programs and traditional academic areas.

As a research-intensive University, we are recognizing the quality of research and scholarship carried out by our exceptional faculty members. Our faculty and students are focusing on intellectual issues and research challenges of national importance, and we are extremely proud of their research achievements and their scientific publications in reputable international journals.

I encourage you to browse our website to learn more about our academic programs, research centers, distinguished faculty, and supportive University community.

Mr. Khalfan Saleh Al Dhaheri

Acting Deputy VC for Finance & Administration


The Deputy VC for Finance & Administration (Secretary General) division provides services that support the academic mission of the United Arab Emirates University. Broadly, these services include finance, budget, facilities, human resources, auxiliaries and safety. We pursue a continuous improvement approach to deliver efficient and high quality services to our customers. We strive to engender a sense of collaboration and community and to provide an appealing environment that creates a special place in which to learn, live, and work

The Secretary General Division is comprised of several service areas, and while these areas may appear discrete, they are, in practice, highly cooperative and supportive teams that often overlap in creative ways to optimize UAEU's resources. By working as a highly cooperative team, we are able to recognize opportunities for improvement in all that we do.

I hope that you will take the time to review our services and become familiar with the offerings of the Secretary General Division through our website. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

Dr. Suad Mohammed AlMarzooqi

Associate Provost for Students’ Affairs


Life at UAEU is more than just getting a degree; there are many exciting and challenging opportunities that promote academic interest such as extra-curricular activities, social engagements, community service, and much more. The Student Affairs and Enrollment Division is committed to advancing student learning that builds a community. We are a learning organization that creates engaging environments and programs to transform student learning. We promote a caring and safe community that increases our students' abilities to learn and make smart choices. We promote inclusiveness, support the success and growth of all students, and enrich the student experience. UAEU graduates are equipped with lifelong skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, leadership, and how to be a team player.

The high number of students participating in our programs and activities indicates that many of our students avail of the extra-curricular opportunities offered by our array of student clubs. We hope that our students will continue to be involved so that they can benefit from the out-of-classroom experiences that complement their academic life. We encourage you to get involved in student life, to make new friends, become a member of a student club, or to get involved as a student ambassador at open days and campus activities, and to make a difference in yours and other students’ lives. Your time at UAEU can be as fulfilling, exciting, fun, and rewarding as you would like it to be.

Prof. Ahmed Murad

Associate Provost for Research


As the world enters a constant innovation economy, those countries that embrace innovation will be clear winners. In response to the United Arab Emirates strategic vision, our charge to become “The University of the Future” is both exciting and humbling. United Arab Emirates University must rise to this challenge by building a more substantial research portfolio that is seamlessly integrated with our missions of teaching and service.

The Office of the Associate Provost for Research is dedicated to facilitating the research and creative activities of all faculty and students at the university in order to support this crucial aspect of their careers. We support increased research productivity by helping to secure funding for research from inside the university and outside. As the research stature of UAEU increases, we facilitate the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, and work to place UAEU at the center of a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

The key to innovation is for our university to be intellectually permeable; we strive to build closer relationships with the government, industry, and the people, in order to best serve the country, and the region.

International Communication Unit

The International Communication Unit facilitates the development of sustainable local and international partnerships with universities, corporations, governments and embassies in order to foster academic cooperation and to keep abreast of international best practices in education.

Community Outreach

UAEU recognizes the responsibility of the university and its graduates to contribute to the well-being of the broader community. Community engagement and social responsibility describe how we make a difference to the social and economic well-being of our communities through teaching, research, public events and activities.

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) - Best University in Abu Dhabi, UAE


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