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Medicine & Health Developments
The Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, through
a concerted student recruitment drive, increased the
intake of medical students to more than 100, while
maintaining its rigorous admissions standards.
Curriculum developments included the introduction of
some IT based courses and the inaugural accredited
computer based Evaluation & Examination Center
was started.
Ongoing relationships were cemented and broadened
with health authorities like the Abu Dhabi Health
Authority, Dubai Health Authority, and the Federal
Ministry of Health.
This year, the Emirates Health Services (EHS) was
established under the umbrella of the Faculty of
Medicine & Sciences to provide consultancy and
training, with the objective to provide the highest
quality of continuing professional medical education
to physicians in the United Arab Emirates. It aims
to provide programs that respond to the expressed
wants and needs of specialists and family physicians
while utilizing the findings of ongoing research.
New Offerings
Two new degrees commenced this year; Master of
Public Health, and Doctor of Pharmacy, while nine
PhD programs in medicine and health were offered.
FMHS also started offering Clinical Specialties
Certificates in association with Abu Dhabi Health
Services Company (SEHA) Hospitals.
UAE Medical Board
The Ministry of Health requested the Vice Provost
for Medical Sciences and Dean of Medicine to chair
the committee to establish the UAE Medical Board.
The focus of this Board is to train Emirati medical
graduates to international standards to enable them
to qualify to become specialists and consultants in the
future, thus supporting sustainable health care within
the UAE.
Advisory Board Meeting of UAEU Global
Health Institute
Sir Richard Feachem, Professor of Global Health at
both the University of California, San Francisco and
the University of California, Berkeley, and Director
of the Global Health Group at UCSF Global Health
Sciences, attended the first Advisory Board Meeting
since the establishment of the UAEU Global Health
Research in Health
FMHS continued to contribute to research within the
UAE, providing highly relevant national research,
which included studies in Diabetes and Cancer.
Of particular relevance to the Nation, research into
diabetes included; cardiovascular diseases risk
factors in UAE adolescents and young adults with
type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, investigation
of inhibitors extracted from dates for key enzymes
relevant to non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus,
testing novel binders for the DNA-genome receptor
of insulin, weight management related behaviors
and perceptions, and examining the anti-diabetic
protective effects of a selected herb.
Research into cancer included; the isolation and
identification of the chemical components of some
UAE plants and their use as potential anti-cancer
agent, anti-cancer properties from the skins of frogs,
pharmacological control of lung cancer, expression of
a novel gene in pancreatic cancer, potential towards
the development of novel gene-based therapeutics
The scope and nature of health sciences programs continued to be upgraded
this year, including the strengthened flagship School of Medicine, with
the creation of new programs in related areas and with the aggressive use
of new communication and computation technologies. The University’s
existing strengths in health-related research serves as the foundation for
consideration of new schools and the second global research institute in a
health-related field of high national relevance.
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