Page 47 - The UAE University AnnualReport for the Academic Year 2010 - 2011

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for cancer, anti-cancer activities of indigenous UAE
herbs extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide, and
mechanism of the anti-cancer activity of the clove
In addition to diabetes and cancer, research was
undertaking in diverse medical and health fields that
included; air quality in Emirati homes, antimicrobials
and drug resistant bacteria, fighting inherited diseases,
liver and obesity surgery in the UAE, improving the diet
and lifestyles of Emirati citizens, and family medicine
doctor-patient communication.
International Conferences
FMHS conducted a number of scientific meetings and
educational activities that included:
• Doctor’s Career 2011; an event open to all doctors
across the Emirates that provided resources to
shape their futures.
• 2nd International TraumaManagement, Critical Care,
and Prevention Conference; a forum of exchange
concerning trauma prevention and training, as well
as strategies for optimization of clinical care.
• 1st International Brain Research Organization Middle
East NeuroScience Conference; a conference
aimed at evaluating advances in the field of basic
and clinical neuroscience.
During the year a Memorandum of Understanding and
Collaborative Agreement to further student and faculty
exchanges in research and education was signed
between FMHA and the University of Cincinnati
Medical School.
Cross-discipline Research
An assistant professor in the FBE, whose research
area is the economic implications of health (obesity)
was hired and has begun joint research projects with
the community health group.
The FFA implemented a Community-based Diabetes
Nutrition Education program for Emirati adults with
Type 2 Diabetes, while faculty within the Special
Education department of the FEDU are researching
the “Effect of nutrition education program on the
dietary behavior, nutrition knowledge, nutrition status,
and problem behavior of UAE elementary students
with disabilities�?.
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