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UAEU Annual Report
at the end of each semester. A pay-in-
advance procedure was introduced,
which eliminated debt accounts for ‘at
risk’ students.
The websites of the Enrollment Deanship,
Admission, and Registration pages have
been revised and the first UAEU on-line
catalog has been created, improving
the University’s outreach to potential
and continuing students and keeping
them informed on news items, FAQs,
registration programs, exam schedules,
and contact information. Students are
also encouraged to register in advance
with the introduction of a ‘Penalty
Registration’ period.
Further, the Registration department
managed to successfully complete
the end of term processing, finalize
transfer applications, prepare for student
registration and beginning of semester
activities, automate room assignment
of graduate and visiting students, in the
single week period between semesters.
documentation, establishment of codes
of ethics, standards of appointment to
professorial posts, external examination
of dissertations, and international co-
Administrative Culture &
The University has developed a
comprehensive set of policy changes
for all aspects of enrollment operations,
which reflect international best
practice for policies and practices,
and international standards for public
research universities. The University
has worked closely with the State Audit
Institution to audit the institution’s
compliance with each component of
the student funding formula. In the
Graduate Studies area, tuition and
fee payment/collection have been
streamlined through ePayment, where
students can check their accounts
status, payment and balances, resulting
in improved payment compliance and
minimizing the outstanding balances
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