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UAEU Annual Report
During 2011/2012 the UAEU continued
to focus on transforming the administrative
culture into one of policy, delegation,
audit and accountability, in order to
increase creativity and the effective
use of resources, with the full focus on
the optimal performance of human
resources requiring the strengthening and
streamlining of institutional capabilities,
supported by alignment of the budget
and decentralization of administrative
processes. Continuous improvement
occurred in the following highlighted
Emiratization at UAEU
The University’s Emiratization strategy
was approved by the Executive and
communicated to Deans and Directors
early in the year. The strategy identified
targeted staff positions across the
campus and HR has been working with
hiring teams to ensure that unit specific
replacement or recruitment strategies are
developed and implemented to meet the
objectives set.
System Process Improvements
The eRegistration system has been
implemented. Vendors can now
register/renew their registration with
the university, pay fees, and upload all
required documents online. This has
significantly improved vendor registration
by eliminating paperwork and reducing
the presence of vendors on campus.
Additional features being built into the
eRegistration system are eTendering and
A wide and varied host of improved
administrative procedures are
underway, aimed at maximizing
efficiency, transparency and ultimately
improving user satisfaction. These
include eProcurement, ePayment,
Bank Reconciliation Automating Utility
Payment process, replacing the People-
Admin Recruitment system with an
In-house version, a Hotel Reservation
system, integrating the Housing
System with the Financial System,
Petty Cash process, a Position Control
system, automating the Performance
Management process, and automating
the Faculty Workload & Funding Formula
and its associated Reporting.
Additionally, system improvements are
underway in: Printing (out-sourcing
project), Maintenance and Landscaping
Services, Student Travel Reimbursement,
and the Purchase Order Follow-up
Quality Assurance & Key
Performance Indicators
In the academic context the goal of
Quality Assurance (QA) is to ensure the
development and maintenance of high
standards of teaching, assessment and
research by academic staff. QA achieves
this by evaluating staff performance
against established Key Performance
Indicators (KPI), through internal and
external monitoring, and through review
procedures. Monitoring and review
procedures include regular student,
peer, and independent evaluations of
teaching and course assessment as well
as peer review of research projects and
As needed there are independent
reviews of Departments and their
programs. The importance of QA in
academic institutions is acknowledged
in the recently promulgated Law of the
UAE on Higher Education, which makes
provision for the establishment of Quality
Provision Services in the Faculty and
Departmental levels, for transparency in
Goal 1
Building Institutional Capabilities
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