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UAEU Annual Report
Leadership & Recognition
Over 60 students took part in research
projects conducted by faculty members
giving them valuable research
experience; the Mechanical Engineering
Senior project won 2nd place in the
2012 GCC Student Design competition,
which included 30 entries from all GCC
countries; and UAEU students won 2nd
place in the 2012 Ethics Competition
organized by Khalifa University.
Elective Postings Abroad
Thirty-three UAEU students from the
College of Medicine and Health Sciences
conducted elective postings abroad at
a range of universities and hospitals in
different continents that included: The
Mayo Clinic; Harvard Medical School;
King’s College London; University College
London; Newcastle University Medical
School; McGill University; McMaster
University; The University of Auckland;
St. James’ Hospital; King Faisal Specialist
Hospital; King Faisal Heart Institute; Sultan
Qaboos University; and the Hamad
Medical Corporation.
International Moot Courts
Students from the College of Law
participated in several international
moot court competitions in order
to gain writing, drafting, research
and oral argument skills as well as
attending seminars and academic
programs abroad to enhance their
legal knowledge. These initiatives
were undertaken in collaboration
with the University of the Pacific, the
University of Salzburg, and Sultan
Qaboos University. They also attended
the Phillip C. Jessup International Law
Moot Court competition, which is the
world’s largest moot court competition,
with participation of more than 600 law
schools representing 80 countries.
UAEU also participated in Moot Court
Competitions at the University of Oxford
Al Nawa Awards
The Al Nawa Awards is an initiative of the
UAEU Mass Communication Department,
aiming to enhance students› skills and
promote their creativity, with 16 students
winning awards. It is a two-day event
in media and journalism with high
level participation focusing on student
achievements in visual and print media,
including TV and radio broadcasting.
Activities include industry workshops
in 3D Animation, Advertisements, and
Newspaper Layout, and a Media Training
International Symposium
UAEU students participated in the
3rd International Agriculture Students
Symposium (IASS) held at University Putra
in Malaysia.
Student Volunteers
UGRU encourages student volunteerism
as a path for personal development
through planning, organizing and
delivering extracurricular activities and
events. Over the past five years, students
have moved from participating in staff-
organized book fairs and open days to
organizing and delivering large-scale
events of their own ambition, such as
the 5th UAEU Student Conference in
2012. The Meddad Student Volunteering
Tracking System was awarded the
prestigious Khalifa Award for Education
in 2012. Over 23,000 certified volunteer
hours were entered by 700 individuals
for 251 activities in 52 volunteering clubs
and organizations.
Study Abroad English Summer
An intensive English program in the
United Kingdom was held in cooperation
with the Center of English Studies in
Wimbledon, UK for six weeks. The
program helped to strengthen the
student language skills in grammar,
writing, reading and speaking.
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