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UAEU Annual Report
graduates visiting the Job Navigator site
Work Skills Training Program
Through a partnership with the
telecommunications company, DU,
final-year students from all Colleges
were invited to be part of the program
to acquire the necessary skills needed
to start their professional careers.
The program consisted of 3 modules
designed to equip university students
with the skills needed to enter
employment and excel in the workplace.
Internships & Student
1,267 UAEU students were placed in
local internships which were provided
through a range of support services
including the iWIL Online System,
internship publications, training sessions,
workshops and new partnerships with
organizations. Six UAEU students were
accepted out of 60 applicants for the
international summer internship in
Singapore for a 7-week internship at
the world-class Global Foundries chip
manufacturing facilities in Singapore.
A UAEU student was also selected by
ADEC, Mubadala and Airbus to train for a
period of 6 months in the Airbus facilities
in Toulouse, France.
Educational Exhibitions
A number of Careers, Training and
Educational Exhibitions were attended by
UAEU students and alumni in different
Emirates and included: NAJAH 2011
Exhibition; TAWDHEEF Recruitment
Show; 14th National Career Exhibition;
UAE Careers 2012; Gulf Education &
Training Exhibition (GETEX); 4th Ras
Al Khaimah Education, Training &
Employment Exhibition; Al Ain Education
& Career Fair; and the 6th Fujairah
Career Fair.
and Vienna and in a competition
regarding the rights of the elderly that
took place at the University of Jordan.
SMART Program
In its fifth year, UAEU’s Seminars in
Mastering the Arts (SMART) program
continued to be an enormously popular
and successful innovation with this
year’s programs including presentations
ranging from Shakespeare to creative
storytelling, Arabic choir music, a poetry
workshop, and a variety of imaginative
performances. 20011/2012 saw
performances by: the German Opera
Soprano Maria Glueck; the renowned
choir from Cambridge University; the
Goethe Institute›s concert of “Guitar
meets Oud»; the German Day “Jazzing
the Gulf�?; a Peking Opera demonstration;
and Dr. Roger Craik visiting the university.
German Day
The German Day, with an evening
music workshop and concert open to
the public, was held in the presence of
Germany’s diplomatic representative. A
full day of activities ensued, beginning
with presentations by German
organizations: the German Academic
Exchange Service (DAAD), the
Fraunhofer Society, the Göethe Institute,
and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
This was followed by an orchestra
workshop for selected UAEU students
conducted by a Youth Jazz Orchestra.
Graduate Placement Services
In efforts to make recruiting from UAEU
as easy and efficient as possible, and to
support Emiratization efforts, the new job
posting tool has significantly increased
job placement opportunities for UAEU
graduates and has helped them in
finding career opportunities. Since May
2011, the on-line “Job Navigator�? offered
1,104 vacancies for UAEU graduates
with 72 partner organizations advertising
vacancies, with an average of 1,000
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