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UAEU Annual Report
Body and Soul�? was organized,
including seminars, workshops, beauty
consultations, and blood donation. The
partnership with the Abu Dhabi Health
Authority boosted the participation of
many health institutions.
Health Center
The center participated directly in the
prevention plan by organizing visits to
student housing. And a large number of
workshops, outreach programs, seminars,
lectures, and open days were delivered
to increase the students’ mental health
awareness, helping them learn to take
charge of their lives, acquire the skills
necessary for adjusting to the demands
of university life, and overcome difficulties
by presenting workshops in personal,
psychological, and social counseling
as well as presentations on improving
academics skills.
Nutritional Awareness
The Food Services department of Student
Affairs initiated many activities to educate
students and increase their nutritional
awareness, thereby improving the
understanding of correct food related
habits among the students, UAEU staff
and the outside community. This was
supported by a campaign identifying
diseases related to nutrition. 
as well as providing opportunities for
professional faculty to practice.
Breast Cancer Research
The Social Work department in the
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
used grant money to investigate health
problems in the UAE, with a project on
breast cancer titled, “Learning from the
Survivors: How to increase breast cancer
screening and early detection among
Emirati women.�?
EEG Lab for Neurolinguistic
A ceremony was held for the opening of
the EEG lab for neurolinguistic research,
with a visit from Dr Yury Shtyrov of the
Medical Research Council Cognition
and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge
University. The visit starts what is planned
as a long-term collaboration between
the UAEU and Cambridge MRC-CBU
to explore the cognitive and neural
processes underlying human language
Student Health & Wellness
In order to increase health awareness
among students, a three-month
campaign under the title “Mind,
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