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UAEU Annual Report
Building on UAEU research strengths
in health-related areas, and to upgrade
the nature of programs in the Health
Sciences, the University has focused on
the flagship College of Medicine with
aggressive use of new communication
and computation technologies, and
creating global research institutes of high
national relevance.
Zayed Center for Health Sciences
UAEU signed an MOU with the Zayed
bin Sultan Al Nahyan Foundation,
to develop a partnership in the
establishment of the “Zayed bin Sultan
Al Nahyan Centre for Health Sciences�?
at the United Arab Emirates University.
This University Center has been launched
with the benefit of an endowment for
a Chair for Global Health. The Center
brings together the facilities and faculty
in a number of UAEU Colleges and
Departments, and creates academic
links with other national, regional, and
international universities and research
organizations. Visitors to the Center in
the past year came from the universities
of Oxford, Otago, Loma Linda, and the
United Nations University in Malaysia.
Research in Medicine
Fourteen UAEU academic departments
collaborated and developed new
research projects with special emphasis
on areas of national importance,
including diabetes and cardiovascular
diseases, genetics, immunology,
neurosciences, oncology and trauma.
Researchers in the College of Medicine
and Health Sciences obtained research
grants from a range of national funding
organizations, including: the Sheikh
Hamdan Al-Maktoum Awards; the
National Research Foundation; the
National Rehabilitation Center; and
the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi).
International sources of multidisciplinary
grants include the Wellcome Trust, the
MJ Fox Foundation, The Terry Fox Cancer
Research funds, the Global Asia Institute,
and the International Commission for
the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drugs
(ICPA). This year, UAEU researchers
won a major share of the AED 2 million
awarded by the Terry Fox Cancer
Research Fund.
In addition, faculty in the College of
Medicine and Health Sciences increased
the number and quality of peer-reviewed
papers published in high impact factor
journals, including; Science, British
Medical Journal, American Journal of
Human Genetics, Medical Research
Reviews, Brain, Diabetes, Neurology,
Nucleic Acids Research, Cellular &
Molecular Life Sciences, and the Journal
of Medical Genetics. They were also
responsible for producing several prize-
winning textbooks of medicine, with
the Hunter’s Diseases of Occupations
being awarded First prize in the
‘Medicine’ category by the British Medical
Association. The faculty produced
around 200 publications last year.
Community Well Being Center
The Psychology Department of the
College of Humanities and Social
Sciences established a Community
Well-Being Center at UAEU, a center
that provides psychological services
to the students and community. This
center is used to train the Department’s
undergraduate and graduate students,
Goal 4
Investing in the Health Sciences
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