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UAEU Annual Report
together. Based on this, Pembroke
College and the UAEU collaborated to
bring a Lecture and Seminar Series to
the UAEU. Distinguished Professors from
Oxford have undertaken Lectures in
Abu Dhabi and Seminars at the UAEU
campus covering topics that included
Diversifying the Economy, Education,
Lifestyle Diseases, Genetics, and Business
and Project Management.
Innovations in Information Technology
This was the eighth edition of the
UAEU conference, sponsored by the
UAE Telecommunications Regulatory
Authority, the Dubai Water and Electricity
Authority, Visionaire, and ZADCO, with
the conference being technically co-
sponsored by the Institute of Electrical
and Electronics Engineers. Distinguished
leaders in important current topics in
information technology presented
keynote lectures, which addressed
current research challenges in cloud
computing, educational technology, and
development of advanced computational
software for the petroleum industry.
Arabic Union Catalog
UAEU hosted the 4th Annual Summit
of the Arabic Union Catalog entitled
“A New Phase of Arabic Joint Work�?
the IT Marathon, a National Information
Technology Competition for school
students throughout the UAE, each
year since 2008. The Marathon seeks to
excite students in the field of Information
Technology through involving them
in an enjoyable and challenging
competition. This year, College of IT
organized the IT Marathon in partnership
with ADEC and Microsoft. In conjunction
with this, Microsoft held its “Imagine Us�?
competition jointly with the IT Marathon.
Several UAEU faculty served as referees
and consultants for different local
educational awards, while a number of
Education faculty served as consultants
for the Ministry of Education and some
Special Education faculty served with
the Ministry of Social Affairs. Additionally,
faculty participated in peer evaluation
and teacher interviews for ADEC.
Public Lectures, Conferences and
UAEU-Oxford Lecture Series
This lecture and seminar series resulted
from the visit by the Vice Chancellor
of the University of Oxford and a
mutual desire of the universities to work
Jan 21, 2013
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