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UAEU Annual Report
As part of the UAEU Mission to provide
advice and support to, and continually
engage with, community partners and
stakeholders, the university interacts
with a variety of individuals and
organizations, ranging from primary
education providers to local and national
government, to industrial research
In addition to the university’s external
research collaborations, which are an
integral part of achieving Goal 3, the
UAEU was involved in community and
stakeholder engagement activities such
as schools outreach, public lectures and
workshops, cultural programs, continuing
education and training, and formal
Memoranda of Understanding.
School Education and Outreach
K-12 Reform
UGRU continued to serve high
schools in the Al Ain region through
the High Schools Outreach Initiative,
which provides support to three high
schools by introducing the admission
requirements of the federal higher
education institutions into the schools
and helping students achieve these
requirements while still in high school.
The three national high schools were Al
Dahmaa Boys, Umm al Emrat Girls, and
Al Zayediya Girls, which are in the top ten
feeder schools to the UAEU.
Grades 11 and 12 students at Al Andalus
School conducted a Student Conference
under the guidance and organization of
UAEU Student Volunteers. Inspired by
the Student Conferences held annually
at UAEU, the high school initiative was
branded “UAEU Student Conference @
Al Andalus School�? and involved the high
school students presenting conference
workshops on a variety of topics.
Professional Development
UAEU took part in a joint initiative with
the British University in Dubai, Zayed
University, and the Higher Colleges of
Technology to promote professional
development among teachers through
a series of traveling “road shows�? whose
focus this year was to provide research-
based input and generate informed
discussion as to best practice for all those
involved in teacher appraisals in schools,
colleges and universities.
The Department of Physical Education
developed strong relationships with
the Ministry of Education, the Armed
Forces and various sport clubs. Faculty
have offered their expertise to these
organizations by offering lectures in
public schools and leading symposium
Physical Education faculty have been
actively involved in various committees
at the national level including Zayed
Higher Organization for Humanitarian
Care, Special Needs, and Minors Affairs,
Higher Education Sport Federation, and
the Scientific Center for School Sport
IT Marathon
The College of IT has been organizing
Goal 6
Engaging External Partners
and Stakeholders
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