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Research Projects
- Manuka Honey a Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment
A team of investigators from the College of Medicine & Health Sciences at UAEU as well as Tawam
Hospital published novel findings in a leading medical journal, PLOS ONE, showing that Manuka honey
can inhibit the growth of a variety of cancer cell types, even at exceedingly low concentrations and, in
addition to reducing the toxic side-effects of chemotherapy.
- Home-Grown Plants Proven to Have Anti-Cancer Agents
A team of researchers (faculty & a PhD student) from the College of Science, have found that the leaf
extract from the marjoram herb (Origanum Majorana), a worldwide spread plant with a long history of
both culinary and traditional medicine, can inhibit the growth of cultured invasive breast cancer cells
and have published their findings in PLOS ONE.
- UAEU and Industry Breakthrough in Natural Gas
UAEU, in cooperation with the Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum (JCCP), Nippon Oil Research
Institute, and the Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS) have finalized several years of
research which resulted in a new, improved alternative method to remove acid gases from natural gas
by using membrane (contactor) technology. This has resulted in two patents being awarded and one
pending, twenty one scientific papers published in reputable international journals, eighteen conference
presentations, as well as participation in several other presentations.
Oct 9, 2013
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