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- UAEU’s Research Project ‘Microalgae for Biodiesel’ Could Be a Future Energy Source
A professor and PhD student from the Chemical Engineering Department have proven that Microalgae
is the best source of oil production, due to its high production rate per unit area. The microalgae oil
production is ten times higher than the best crops, and its composition is similar to that of vegetable
oils. In addition, microalgae can utilize CO
as the sole carbon source, which has the concurrent
advantages of reducing harmful emissions and the dependency on food substrates, such as glucose.
Furthermore, microalgae are capable of growing in saline water, which reduce freshwater loading.
Biodiesel has similar properties to petroleum diesel and promises to be a better alternative.
New Research & Training Facilities at CMHS
- New Research Facilities
The College of Medicine & Health Sciences (CMHS) have upgraded and developed new central research
facilities to include Imaging, Analytical Laboratories, a Molecular and Cellular Biology Facility, and a
small Animal Vivarium.
- The First Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator in UAE
As part of the ongoing efforts to improve the quality of clinical training, CMHS has acquired a
high fidelity simulator called ‘Harvey’ for the teaching of basic and advanced cardiac diseases to
undergraduates and residents.
Oct 9, 2013
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