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UAEU, the National University, is the first accredited University established by the UAE government.
Recognized globally for its research contributions and world-class education, UAEU continues to be
ranked amongst other top leading international institutions. It is staffed with qualified faculty, eminent
researchers, experienced educators and motivated support staff to help students achieve their full
potential. UAEU is a comprehensive University offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate
programs across nine Colleges. In addition, UAEU conducts significant continuous education courses,
vocational certificates and skills training for the community across various disciplines. Technology,
mobile learning and simulation are at the core of education in UAEU. We continue to produce graduates
of international caliber who serve the community at the highest level and obtain prominent leadership
positions in the country.
Our aim is to further develop and advance the skills of students in preparation for meeting the demands
of the current labor market. This is done through enriching the educational programs with skills such
as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and active listening, amongst many others and through
the use of the new technologies, with the expectation that students will improve their practical training
and development to be in an even better position to serve the Nation.
The UAEU employs outstanding faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally for their
innovation and research contributions. UAEU also fosters a strong research culture amongst students
at both an undergraduate and graduate level and has established specialized research centers to
expand collaborations and bring researchers together. The University hosts research centers of global
and national interest including the Zayed Center for Health Sciences, the National Water Center and
Public Policy and Leadership. Plans for future research centers include mobile learning, energy and
environment, food innovation, sustainability and a genetics center of excellence. These centers will
enable us to respond better to the needs of UAE society and to tackle challenges faced globally. As a
research intensive institution, UAEU attracts substantial national, international, and industrial grants.
Having such an enriched academic program, significant opportunities for research and innovation and
being student centered, UAEU is well positioned to help its students and academics achieve their future
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Yousif Hasan Baniyas
Provost & Chief Academic Officer
Message from the Provost
Oct 9, 2013
Dec 7, 2017