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At the end of my first year as Vice Chancellor, I look back on a year that was demanding and exhilarating
for the UAEU community. In the review and planning of 2012/13, we recognized the strengths in our
distinctive campus and colleges, we could demonstrate performance and quality that attracted high
levels of recognition and we continued to celebrate the spirit of discovery as the nation’s research
engine finding new treatments for cancer, developing new ways of managing water resources, and
finding new solutions to the world’s energy needs.
The University’s achievements over the past year is due, as ever, to a distinctive, highly collaborative
staff culture. The commitment of UAEU staff to the institution and, indeed, their readiness to engage
in whatever challenges and institutional changes they faced is both acknowledged and appreciated.
The highly qualified Emirati National faculty appointed over the past year highlights the success of
the Emiratization strategy in the University, in both the academic and administrative arenas, and they
represent a valuable addition to the academic leadership in the UAE.
UAEU’s reputation also rests on our ability to produce graduates who are recognized as amongst the
best in the country. The University has embarked on an ambitious development of a more comprehensive
undergraduate research experience, in addition to the exemplary research already carried out at
graduate level. The University also offers a variety of opportunities to enrich the students’ campus
experience, including internships, extra-curricular activities, community volunteer activities, and even
an option for study abroad through an international student exchange program. UAEU’s academic
programs continue to be developed in partnership with employers, so our graduates are in high demand.
The University continues to create sustainable and viable partnerships with a number of local and
international public and private organizations, universities and research centers around the world
in order to develop best practices and innovative approaches in dealing with the various challenges
facing the United Arab Emirates. These partnerships include faculty and student exchanges, research
collaborations, professional consultations, education and specialized training programs and exchange
of expertise for conferences, workshops, and specialized seminars.
We move into 2013/14, with a strong drive to integrate and build on the synergies with our partners,
with a desire to increase our research capacity, and with a commitment to develop graduates who are,
above all, exceptional people.
Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi
Vice Chancellor
Message from the Vice Chancellor
Oct 9, 2013
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