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University College


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Welcome to the website for the UAEU’s University College! Here you will find information about the University College Programs, that play a major role in meeting the educational needs of our students to meet the evolving demands of the local job market and educational goals. We encourage that all Programs of the University College work together as a team to support students in attaining the essential capabilities of UAEU graduates:

(1) Arabic language proficiency (native and non-native speakers), 
(2) English language proficiency, 
(3) Numerical literacy,
(4) critical thinking and independent scholarly enquiry, and skills and values transferable to employment.

Dean's Message


I would like to welcome you all to University College at the United Arab Emirates University.

The mission of University College is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their faculty-based programs of study at UAEU.


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Student Testimonials

“I never thought that I'd enjoy university life as much as I'm enjoying it here at UAEU. It's simply the best place to get an education, interact with others and be a part of a thriving community.”

Rim Abidi,

3rd Year Electrical Engineering Student

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