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University College (UC) is a “Home away from Home” to all UAEU students from when they join in until they complete their graduate studies. UC works closely with all students to promote their academic success.

Through its Learning Centers, the College offers academic support in hundreds of courses, and builds students’ communication and technological skills throughout their journey at the University. It also hosts the General Education Program and teaches some of its courses.

For First Year Students, the College offers academic advising as well as university and all college-specific admission tests along with test-preparation support services.

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I would like to welcome you all to University College at the United Arab Emirates University.

The mission of University College is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their faculty-based programs of study at UAEU.


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Student Testimonials

“I never thought that I'd enjoy university life as much as I'm enjoying it here at UAEU. It's simply the best place to get an education, interact with others and be a part of a thriving community.”

Rim Abidi,

3rd Year Electrical Engineering Student


Dr. Yousef Hittini

Instructor - Development Instruction Unit 


Acquired his Doctor of Philosophy in Modern Arab Literature from Damascus University in 1997.Joined UAE University in 2006 to teach Arabic Literature in the university college.

He was a member in the activities committee, career development committee, and curriculum development committee. He has also participated in authoring the electronic book that is being taught currently. He participated in multiple conferences inside UAE (in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi), as well as other international conferences (in Morocco, Oman, and India).

He was a member in the judging committee at Sharjah’s Award for Innovative Literature multiple times; he was also a judging committee member for The Best Emirate Novel Award, and Best Arab Novel Award.

He taught Non-Arabic Speakers, he also participated in Al Ain Arabic Language Competence program. Additionally, he taught at Zayed Military College on behalf of UAE University.

He participated in authoring the university books that are being taught in the university college. He published about 30 books in critique, literature, and innovation. Some of them are closely related to Emirate literature (The Short Story in UAE, Emirati Poetry Book, In The Shadows of Palm Trees Book), which were published by Sharjah’s Department of Culture.

He was recently awarded for the 3rd prize in Sharjah’s Award for Modern Arab Poetry Critique among other 102 Arab researchers for his publication:  The Narrative Context in Modern Arab Poetry.

Dr Zainab Al Yassi 

Lecturer and coordinator, Arabic Unit, UC, UAEU

Dr. Zainab

Lecturer and coordinator, Arabic Unit, UC, UAE

MA in Literary criticism, narrative 2010

PHD in Cultural criticism, (poetry), 2010

Diploma in Counselling: William Glasser institute of choice theory and Realistic Therapy, 2020

Accredited Trainer, 2015

Diploma in Happiness and wellbeing

Member of Emirates Center for Happiness research.

Recipient of Rashid award for scientific excellence for PHD holders, 2016

Recipient of Sharjah award of creative Gulf women, 2019, Critical studies genre: “The other’s culture and its presence in the Gulf Novel”.

Published numerous research studies and papers in scientific journals in UAE.

Offered numerous self-development, mental health training workshops for UAEU students, faculty and staff.

Author of several academic publications:

1- “The Artistic structure in Kuwaiti Novel”, 2011

2-” Contemporary Arabic Poetry between literature and culture”, 2016

3-” Emirati narrative: Visions and Perspectives”, 2019

4- “90-Minute Bell in Dubai”, 2010

5-” Thawat", novel, 2020

Dr. Wafa Al Shamsi

Instructor, Development Instruction Unit – UC


Dr. Wafa Al Shamsi , 

Acquired his Master's and Doctorate in Curriculum and method Teaching Arabic, and diplomas for the care of the gifted, human resources management, teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

 Pioneering child and youth literature in the Sultanate of Oman.

A writer and judge for several awards in the Arab world.

She won the Qatar State Literature Award in the field of children's playwriting 2020 at the level of the Arab world.

She has more than 150 published works in the field of children's and adolescent literature.

She has research participation in many international and regional conferences in the field of Arabic language, children's literature and adolescents.

A statement of the activities carried out in the name of the university college at the university level as it shown in the table below:


- Event Title:  OperettaEmirates my National”

- Occasion:  As part of the UC’s participation in the University’s celebration on the UAE national Day (2017-2018).

- Links:  Link from Instagram (( ))


- Event Title:  Operetta “Emirates of Tolerance”

- Occasion:  As part of the UC’s participation in the University’s celebration on the UAE national Day (2020).

- Links:  Attached Video

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