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Transfer Students from Other Universities

Transfer Requirements

  1. Application for transfer is only available for Nationals and Children of National Mothers.
  2. Students must have successfully completed the foundation year or (24) credit hours.
  3. High School Grade (12) must be 75% or above.
  4. Overall GPA should correspond to a minimum GPA of  (2.5) out of (4.0).
  5. Valid English certificate: Academic IELTS = (5.0) or TOEFL iBT = (61) or TOEFL ITP = (500) is required.

Required Documents

  1. Official transcripts with course description.
  2. Copy of a valid passport.
  3. Copy of a valid visa (for non-locals).
  4. Copy of nationality ID (Kholasat AL Qaid) for local students only.
  5. Copy of  UAE identity card.
  6. Copy of birth certificate.
  7. Four recent passport size photographs.
  8. Original high school certificate and a true copy of grade (12) certificate.
  9. An equivalent certificate is required for private schools that do not follow the UAE government curriculum.
  10. Health insurance card for Abu Dhabi or proof of registration until the card is available.
  11. Copy of mother’s valid passport, mother’s nationality ID or mother’s identity card (for children of national mothers).

To apply, please fill in the attached form and submit it with the required documents to the Admissions Dept.                        


May 15, 2014