Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies

The mission of the Tourism Studies program is to provide a nationally and internationally recognized program of excellence in teaching, research, and service in leisure, specifically in the areas of tourism, heritage, cultural tourism and tourism planning and management. This program aims to educate, train and assist students, individuals, businesses, and other stakeholders to take full use of the opportunities available through the use of responsible tourism development. This program philosophy is driven by the belief that tourism can be a powerful driver for economic development in many emerging and transitioning economies, and can also fulfill a significant role in a community social-cultural development, congruent with the cultural norms and values of the multicultural populations of the UAE.

Program Objectives

  • Basic knowledge of different components and sectors in the tourism industry.
  • Competence to address and provide critical insights of the interrelationship between stakeholders, components and sectors in the tourism industry.
  • Solid knowledge about planning, managing, operating and promoting cultural, heritage, environmental and leisure tourism resources and products.
  • Practical knowledge of planning, developing, managing, operating and promoting sustainable destinations.
  • Ability to conduct research with the focus on the relationships between tourism, culture, heritage and sustainable development.
  • Communication skills, managerial skills and analytical skills, to enter the junior management level of different sectors in the tourism industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Identify the facilities, resources, products, stakeholders and operational organizations in different sectors of the tourism industry as well as describe their structures and characteristics.
  • Demonstrate ethical reasoning in relation to tourism issues.
  • Identify the necessary resources of developing tourism products and analyze the factors affecting the successfulness of tourism products.
  • Analyze the current and upcoming trends of the tourism product development in the local, regional and international level.
  • Identify the influence of tourists and the tourism industry on cultural and heritage assets, societies and environments.
  • Synthesize the cultural, heritage, environmental and leisure tourism resources and facilities for sustainable development of a destination.
  • Examine materials, reports and statistics related to tourism, cultural and heritage study and sustainable development.
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written form to various audience.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 120 hours

General Education (Req CH:39)

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Islam (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ISLM100Islamic Culture3.000

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Ethics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHI121Fundamentals of Environmental Ethics3.000
PHI122International Ethics3.000
PHI226Human Rights Theory3.000
PHIL120Principles of Professional Ethics3.000
FOED102Professional Ethics in Education3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - English Communication (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ESPU1014Introduction to Academic English for Humanities and SS3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Information Literacy (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
GEIL101Information Literacy3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Thinking Skills (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSS110Scientific Research Skills3.000
CSBP119Algorithms and Problem Solving3.000
PHI180Critical Thinking  13.000
PSY105Creative & Innovative Thinking Skills3.000
1 : IBLC - Inquiry based learning courses must be taken within first 30 credit hours

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Emirates Society (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSS105Emirates Studies3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Humanities/Fine Arts (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARCH340History and Theory of Architecture3.000
HSR120Introduction to Heritage & Culture3.000
HSR130Introduction to Language & Communication3.000
LIT150Introduction to Literature3.000
LNG100Introduction to Linguistics3.000
LNG110Language, Society & Culture3.000
MSC200Introduction to Mass Media3.000
MSC240World and Arab Media3.000
PHI101Introduction to Philosophy3.000
PHI270Philosophy of Education3.000
PHI271History and Philosophy of Science3.000
TRS200Introduction to Translation3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Social and Behavioral Sciences (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
AGRB210Introduction to Agribusiness3.000
ECON110Principles of Economics3.000
HSR140Introduction to Society & Behavior3.000
HSR150Introduction to Government Policy & Urban Structures3.000
PSY100Introduction to Psychology3.000
SWK200Introduction to Social Welfare3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - The Global Experience (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
AGRB360Global Agri-food Trade3.000
ARCH346Contemporary World Architecture3.000
BIOE240Principles of Environmental Science3.000
GEO200World Regional Geography3.000
HIS120Arab & Islamic Civilization3.000
HIS121World History: Origins to 15003.000
HIS125Contemporary Civilization3.000
PSG250Principles of International Relations 3.000

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Mathematics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
MATH120Contemporary Applications of Math3.000
STAT101Statistics in the Modern World3.000

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Natural Sciences (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARAG205Introduction to Fish & Animal Science3.000
ARAG220Natural Resources3.000
BION100Biology and its Modern Application3.000
CHEM181Chemistry in the Modern World3.000
FDSC250Contemporary Food Science & Nutrition3.000
GEOL110Planet Earth3.000
PHED201Physical Fitness and Wellness3.000
PHYS101Conceptual Physics3.000

Cluster 5: Capstone Experience (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSR400Integrated Capstone  23.000
2 : Also counts towards the Major


Tourism Major (Req CH:39)

Required Courses (21.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HIS372Arch. of UAE & A. Gulf States3.000
TOR101Introduction to Tourism3.000
TOR202Fundamentals of Heritage Management3.000
TOR205Introduction to Cultural Tourism3.000
TOR222Principles of Tour Guidance3.000
TOR421Intensive Research in Tourism3.000
TOR440Internship in Tourism & Architecture3.000


Elective Courses

Cluster 1: Theoretical/Survey - Students must take two courses from this cluster, one of which must be at the 400 level (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
GEO432Geography of the UAE3.000
GEO461Geography of Tourism3.000
PSG120Government & Politics of UAE3.000
PSG250Principles of International Relations 3.000
TOR263Tourism Resources in the UAE3.000
TOR350Tourism and the Environment3.000
TOR403Tourism and Society3.000
TOR404Sustainable Tourism Development & Planning3.000

Cluster 2: Heritage - Students must take two courses from this cluster, one of which must be an art course (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HIS121World History: Origins to 15003.000
HIS133Introduction to Art History3.000
HIS215Ancient History & Archaeology of Near East3.000
HIS217Material Culture of Islamic World3.000
HIS310Introduction to Archaeology & Museum Studies3.000
HIS381UAE Architectural Heritage3.000
HIS471Modern and Contemporary History of the Arab Gulf3.000
TOR322Gulf art and design3.000

Cluster 3: Tourism and Heritage Operation - Students must take two courses, one of which must be enterprise or management (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
MGMT200Fundamentals of Management3.000
MKTG200Principles of Marketing3.000
MSC243Public Relations & Advertising Principles3.000
TOR140Introduction to Museology3.000
TOR416Travel Writing & New Technologies3.000


Minors and Free Electives (Req. CH:42)

Required Minor (1) (18.00 hours)

Credit Hours

Optional Minor (2) (Students can either take Minor (2) or 18 credit hours from any free elective courses.) (18.00 hours)

Credit Hours

Free Electives (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours