Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


"Leadership and excellence in higher education and scientific research at the regional and international levels."


"Make a positive contribution to the advancement of United Arab Emirates by preparing graduates for future leadership, providing quality education that meets international standards, developing research solutions in areas strategic to the nation, and collaborating effectively with other organizations to promote knowledge in the society."


Although the Vision and Mission of the University may change over time, we are guided by a set of core principles and values:

  1. Respect Values, Heritage and Cultural Diversity: We respect the deep-rooted values and the rich heritage of UAE and seek to sustain them. We also respect diversity in cultures and opinions.
  2. Integrity and Transparency: We adhere to the highest ethical principles and pledge to work with integrity and transparency in order to achieve justice and promote institutional trust, credibility and accountability.
  3. Spirit of Teamwork: We support one another at work through cooperation and teamwork, and value the rewarding and creative environment that this produces.
  4. Leadership and Life-long Learning: We foster and support innovation, initiative, excellence and striving for international best practice; we value a focus on student success, life-long learning and sharing of knowledge.
  5. Effectiveness in Decision-making: We are committed to basing our decisions and plans on evidence and analysis, and adopting efficient systems and procedures.
  6. Effective Communication: We are committed to effective communication, through a variety of communication methods, with all our stakeholders (staff, students, partners, vendors, and the local and international communities).


  1. Prepare graduates to be pioneers and leaders in their areas of specialization.
  2. Develop scientific research capacity and innovation in areas of regional and national importance.
  3. Achieve academic excellence in accordance with academic accreditation and institutional accreditation standards.
  4. Promote the University’s role in the transfer of knowledge and skills to serve the society.
  5. Ensure that administrative services are provided with a high standard of quality, efficiency and transparency.
Jan 11, 2015