Graduate Degree Programs

Welcome to the Graduate Programs web page at the UAEU - the nation's most comprehensive higher education institution.

UAEU offers a diverse set of graduate degree programs at the Master's and doctorate levels of different orientations: professional and research-based. Although the graduate programs are offered at the main campus in Al Ain, some of the professional programs are also conveniently offered in Abu Dhabi.

List of Graduate Degree Programs by College


Graduate Degree Programs

Program Coordinators

Business and Economics

Master of Business Administration

Chiraz Labidi

Master of Professional Accounting

Khaled M. Al Jifri

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Amany Elanshasy


Master of Education

Track 1: Education Leadership

Track 2: Curriculum & Instruction

Track 3: Special Education

Hala M. El Howeris


Concentration: Science Education

Concentration: Mathematics Education

Concentration: Language and Literacy Education

Concentration: Leadership and Policy Studies in Education

Concentration: Special Education

Hassan H. Tairab





MSc in Architectural Engineering

Khaled Galal Ahmed

MSc in Civil Engineering

Aman Mwafy

MSc in Electrical Engineering

Mohamed Shakeel Laghari

Master of Engineering Management

Essam Zaneldin

MSc in Material Science and Engineering

Aiman Ziout

MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Tariq Darabseh

MSc in Chemical Engineering

Sulaiman A. Al-Zuhair

MSc in Petroleum Engineering

Gamal Alusta

MSc in Water Resources

Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed


Concentration: Architectural Engineering

Concentration: Chemical Engineering

Concentration: Petroleum Engineering

Concentration: Civil Engineering

Concentration: Water Resources

Concentration: Material Science and Engineering

Concentration: Electrical Engineering

Concentration: Mechanical Engineering

Kheira Anissa Tabet Aoul





Food and Agriculture

MSc in Horticulture

 Mohamed Al Yahyaei

MSc in Food Science

 Mutamed M. Ayyash


Concentration: Animal Science

Concentration: Food Science

Concentration: Food Science

Concentration: Horticultural Science

Concentration: Nutritional Sciences

Shyam Sreedhar Kurup




Humanities and Social Sciences

MSc in Clinical Psychology

 Abdalla Hamid

MSc in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems

Nazmi Zeidan Saleous

Master of Social Work

Karen Rotabi

Master of Governance and Public Policy

Ahmed Mustafa Mansour


Concentration: Arabic Literature and Criticism

Concentration: Arabic Language

Concentration: English Literature and Criticism

Concentration: English Language

Concentration: Geography and GIS

Concentration: Mass Communication

Sami Boudelaa




Information Technology    

MSc in Information Security

Zouheir B. Trabelsi 

MSc in IT Management

Mohamed Adel Serhani 

MSc in Software Engineering

Mamoun Awad 


Concentration: Computer Engineering

Concentration: Information Technology

Concentration: Information Security

Concentration: Computer Science

Concentration: Network Engineering

Concentration: Software Engineering

Moulay Elarbi Badidi





Master of Private Law (LLM)

Emad Al Dehyyat  

Master of Public Law (LLM)

Riad M. Alajlani  


Medicine and Health Sciences

Master of Medical Sciences

Track 1: Microbiology & Immunology

Track 2: Pharmacology & Toxicology

Track 3: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Tahir A. Rizvi

Samir Attoub

Maria Cabezudo

Master of Public Health

Tom Loney

Doctor of Pharmacy 

Bassem Sadek


Concentration: Biomedical Sciences

Concentration: Public Health and Occupational Health

Agnes M. Pal



MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Synan Abu Qamar

MSc in Chemistry

Abbas Khalil 

MSc in Environmental Sciences 

Sabir bin Muzaffar

MSc in Mathematics 

Nafaa Chbili 

MSc in Physics 

Abdessamad Abada


Concentration: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Concentration: Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Concentration: Chemistry

Concentration: Geosciences

Concentration: Mathematics

Concentration: Physics

Hasan Arman 





Jul 31, 2017