Planning, Academic & Institutional Development Department



The Institutional Effectiveness and Planning Support Unit is the central institutional research, reporting, analysis, quality assurance and planning support function of the UAE university. Its mission is to professionally support the planning, management, and assessment processes of the university as it and its constituents gain and use knowledge for the university's operation, outcomes, and environment.


GOALS FOR 2011-13

Goal 1 : Work with UITS and data custodian on internal data integrity and validity and to integrate data from all sources of information (SIS, HRMIS, FMS, iWil, Alumni, Research etc.) into the central data warehouse

Goal 2 : Establish a coordinated Quality Assurance process that will assist university stakeholders in their multiple assessment activities with regard to program and service quality, planning, student learning outcomes etc.

Goal 3 : Identify gaps in data, establish procedures to maintain quality of data. Ensure the proper use of knowledge and internal / external assessment data

Goal 4 : Ensure that the management has an easy access to assessment information. Provide assistance in carrying out accreditation and assessment activities

Goal 5 : Determine factors that are critical in obtaining institutional accreditation and assure that UAEU has a plan to address those factors.

Goal 6 : Work with the deans and other related committees to identify student learning outcomes and appropriate measures of such outcomes within each department.

Goal 7 : Assist the top management in developing UAEU's  response to the new performance and accountability standards from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Higher Education

Goal 8 : Lead/serve committees and oversee special projects as determined by the Vice Chancellor.

Goal 9 : Assist the Vice Chancellor, the Provost and the Secretary General in overseeing the implementation of the Strategic  Plan and providing regular progress reports measuring achievement of strategic goals.