College of Graduate Studies
Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) at UAEU— the flagship, research-intensive university of the UAE, where the student as a person is at the core of our mission.

Although the CGS is a relatively new organizational unit of the University, UAEU has a legacy of offering quality graduate education since 1991. Over the last decade, our menu of graduate programs has expanded significantly to over 30 graduate degree programs at the master’s and doctorate levels with different orientations (applied, professional and research-based), which are offered by 9 different colleges. Our growing list of professional programs respond to the market needs of the nation and region and are conveniently offered at the main campus in the city of Al Ain as well as in Abu Dhabi.

Our students, who are of approximately 40 different nationalities, are served by a world-class and highly diverse faculty. Full-time students have access to an array of competitive scholarships and research assistantships sponsored by the University or industry partners. They also benefit from specialized professional development workshops tailored to their educational and research needs.

Our high academic standards, nationally and internationally accredited programs and engaging partnerships provide ample opportunities for students of all walks of life to learn, develop and flourish for their own good and the goods of the nation and the society at large.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and to help you reach your aspirations of higher learning. Please contact us for any assistance or inquiries on Graduate Studies at Tel. +971 3 713 5900, Fax. +971 3 713 4929, or email

Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at UAEU and I hope you will find the information on these webpages helpful.

Respectfully Yours,

Prof. Nagi Wakim


*Note: The information on Graduate Studies on this website reflects new policies that are pending approval. To view Graduate Program policy approved in 2004 and the PhD Program policy of 2009, follow this and this link.