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Profiles of Doctorate Dissertations

Research Relevance and Potential Impact

Protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks provide a global picture of cellular function and

biological processes. A better understanding of PPIs could reveal the molecular mechanism

of processes leading to diseases such as cancer and diabetes which are common in the UAE.

The project has important significance to UAE as the published results in reputable journals

will put UAE at the forefront of bioinformatics innovation. The outcome of the research work is

highly encouraging and the UAE will leverage in future projects with a vision to make significant

contributions to medicine and healthcare.

Relevant Publications

• Hanna, E.M., Zaki, N.M., and Amin, A., «Detecting Protein Complexes in Protein Interaction

Networks Modeled as Gene Expression Biclusters». PLoS ONE, 10(12): e0144163, Dec. 2015

(IF: 3.234).

• Hanna, E.M., Zaki N.M., “Gene-disease association through topological and biological feature

integration”. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Innovations in Information

Technology (Innovations’15), Dubai, UAE, Nov. 2015.

• Hanna, E.M., and Zaki, N.M., “Detecting protein complexes in protein interaction networks

using a ranking algorithm with a refined merging procedure”. BMC Bioinformatics, 15:204,

June 2014 (IF 3.02).

Career Aspirations

I would like to pursue an academic and research career.

Feb 12, 2017
Dec 13, 2017