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Profiles of Doctorate Dissertations

Research Relevance and Potential Impact

This research was designed to be among the first to consider the newly proposed climate-

based daylight modeling (CBDM) to assess and analyze daylight levels in courtyard buildings

under Clear Sky Conditions. Previously available assessment methods are not applicable in

the UAE climate. The research concludes with tools to aid designers in achieving optimum

courtyard design and proper sizing of its space and adjacent zones to improve natural lighting

and visual performance.

Relevant Publications

• Dalmouk, M. M. B., & Al-Sallal, K. A. (2015). Courtyards: Optimum Use as Means of Providing

Daylight into Adjacent Zones. In

Renewable Energy in the Service of Mankind Vol I

(pp. 751760-).

Springer International Publishing.

• Dalmouk, M. M. B., & Al-Sallal, K. A. (2014). Courtyards: optimum use as means of providing

daylight into adjacent zones.» World Renewable Energy Congress 2014.

• Al-Sallal, K. A., & Dalmouk, M. M. B. (2011). Indigenous buildings’ use as museums:

Evaluation of day-lit spaces with the Dreesheh double panel window.

Sustainable Cities and

Society, 1

(2), 116124-.

Career Aspirations

My long term goal is to increase awareness on the importance of proper daylight practices

and its huge effect on human, economy and environment. This can be done through proper

channels with government and decision makers to implement meaningful measures for the

proper daylighting practices.

Feb 12, 2017
Dec 13, 2017