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Profiles of Doctorate Dissertations

Research Relevance and Potential Impact

The research presented in this dissertation targets at developing novel techniques for the

detection of highly complex mixtures of new designer drugs. This area of research is of

importance as it has implications in the forensic field and the pharmaceutical industry. The

main research questions being addressed in this dissertation is the development of methods

that can detect and quantitate chiral molecules, as these types of drugs, synthetic cathiones,

are very challenging to separate by most methods. In fact, most techniques cannot tell

apart these isomeric compounds. The proposed research aims at applying new techniques

in chromatography and mass spectrometry for the detection of this class of illegal drugs.

The methodology implemented in this dissertation used two approaches to achieve this goal,

namely, an indirect and direct method, both that were evaluated and compared.

The dissertation does present several “firsts” in terms of being able to analyze up to 20

compounds simultaneously and with chiral resolution. The extent of the data acquired during

this work also shows a high technical level and ability from Dr. Huzaim: performing HPLC in

a reproducible manner requires dedication, perseverance and attention to many details. In

addition, Dr. Huzaim developed and tested these methodologies in real biological samples,

which is not easy and often messy and frustrating.

The number of scientific reports published in this area of research is increasing at a constant

pace. Developing new analytical methodologies for detection and quantitation of these illicit

drugs will facilitate the work forensic scientists and advance the state of knowlodge in the field.

Dr.Huzaim thesis has resulted in two published research papers in peer-reviewed analytical

journals and another two articles are under review.

Relevant Publications

• Alremeithi, Rashed H., Meetani Mohammed A., Mousa Muath K,Saleh Na’il, Graham

John, «Determination of p-aminohippuric acid with β-cyclodextrin sensitized fluorescence

spectrometry.» RSC Advances 6.115 (2016): 114296114303-.

• Alremeithi, Rashed H., Meetani Mohammed A., and Khalil Saif A., «A validated gas

chromatography mass spectrometry method for simultaneous determination of cathinone

related drug enantiomers in urine and plasma.» RSC Advances 6.84 (2016): 8057680584-.

Career Aspirations

Good thing to start with is to enhance my professional skills to be professional and advance in

my job. My plan is to become an expert in my field which will facilitate presenting my country

honorably around the world. One important point should be put on mind is to build a valued

knowledge continuously through self-education by reading books and articles, participating in

researches, attending conferences and many other things.

Another important target that I want to achieve is to participate in leadership process aiming

to couple between knowledge that I got from UAEU and the leadership skills that I learned

from Dubai Police.

Apr 27, 2020