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• Asma Al Falasi, M. Adel Serhani (2011) A Framework for SLA-based cloud services verification

and composition, 287292-. In 2011 International Conference on Innovations in Information


• Asma Al Flasi, M. Adel Serhani, Ezedin Barka (2011) A collaborative reputation-based

vetting model for online certification of businesses, 16-. In Proceedings of the Second Kuwait

Conference on e-Services and e-Systems - KCESS 2011.

Career Aspirations

I would like to continue working on the field of governmental service computing towards the

achievement of UAE’s vision for future governments. I also aspire to be in a position that

enables me to share my knowledge with the younger generation, and encourage them to be

involved in areas related to innovation in service computing.

Apr 27, 2020