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UAEU Annual Report
Residential Experience
The concept of developing a community
of residential students in an enhanced
academic and social environment was
realized through the new campus
buildings being in close proximity to the
academic buildings and shared labs.
Pedestrian circulation provides many
opportunities for academic and social
interaction, with student engagement
in activities increasing remarkably. Small
cafés have been established in students
housing, which provides opportunities
for social interaction and allows students
to enjoy an atmosphere of fun and
cheerfulness. This was complemented by
the organization of the First Residential
student camping weekend, providing
student entrepreneurs the opportunity to
showcase their talents.
Living Learning Experience
More than 50 educational sessions
have taken place in student housing
UGRU Student Services
In support for the first-year students’
specific needs, an ambitious program of
developmental services proceeded to
assist students in making the successful
academic and social transition from
high school to university. These services
serve thousands of students with daily
interventions in areas like: Responsive
Advising for students; identifying
Students-at-Risk; a Progress Tracking
process; PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning);
and the New Student Experience.
In association with the academic
programs, the Learning Centers Unit
in UGRU Student Services provides
developmental services to assist students
in their academic studies through the
Independent Learning and Tutorial
Centers plus Writing and Speaking
Centers. Thousands of student visits were
made to these centers this year, where
personalized assistance was given to
both UGRU and College students.
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