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UAEU Annual Report
The University College has been
structured to: (i) deliver high quality
foundations programs (University
Foundations); (ii) ensure that support for
study skills, language proficiency, and
academic advising continues consistently
from the foundation years, through
the general education program, to
graduation (Center for Student Academic
Success); (iii) provide students with a
broadening educational experience
(general education) and ensure that they
display the ‹essential capabilities› of a
UAEU graduate (Associate Vice Provost
for Learning and Student Success);
and (iv) maximize the career–long
employment prospects of our graduates
(Center for Career Planning and
International Accreditation
As a national institution, all of the degree
programs offered at UAEU are accredited
by the Ministry of Higher Education and
Scientific Research and the university’s
own QA processes (such as regular
College reviews) ensure adherence to
international benchmarks.
during the last two semesters. These
were presented by faculty, staff, and
students leaders in collaboration with
the Counseling and Support Center,
UGRU and various Colleges. Students
were involved in a comprehensive series
of extracurricular activities including
workshops, seminars, social, and cultural
activities. There was an increase in the
number of students attending these
activities mainly due to the diverse range
of activities that focused on developing
leadership skills and raising awareness
about various social issues.
Undergraduate Studies
The enhancement of undergraduate
studies is being facilitated through the
creation of a University College. One
key function will be to prepare students
for university by delivering various
foundation courses and by ensuring that
they acquire good study skills and habits.
In its other functions, the University
College will be an administrative and
coordinating unit, responsible for
developing strategies to ensure that
students are well supported academically
throughout their time at UAEU; from
foundations to graduation.
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