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UAEU Annual Report
As part of this plan, a scholarly collection
was implemented covering Middle-
eastern and Islamic studies, the Emirates
Collection, and materials on the Gulf
region. A remarkable component of
this collection is the recently established
Sheikh Zayed Section, which contains
valuable information resources related to
the life and work of the founding father
of the Nation.
Student Engagement
Both male and female students were
afforded opportunities to participate
in a variety of activities from Heritage
and Cultural, Art and Theater, Clubs
and Organizations, Student Projects,
and Sports. 50 Heritage and Cultural
activities were attended by a total of
16,421 female students, while 3,378 male
students participated in 179 Sporting
activities. Female Students Clubs provided
the most opportunities: 82 activities,
which were attended by a total of 43,595
students throughout 2011/2012.
Achievements & Students
The competitive spirit of students was
further captured in the many awards,
which included: Best Actor and Actress
roles in the Ministry of Culture, Youth
and Community Development festival;
first place in the Sheik Mohamad Bin
Rashid Small Merchant Entrepreneur
project; first place in Drawing at the Fine
Arts competition in Oman; first place in
‘Best Innovation’ at the Fourth Technical
Student Forum; gold and silver medals in
Boxing, a team gold medal in the Transco
Football Tournament; silver and bronze
medals in taekwondo, table tennis, and
chess; and other awards in Innovation
and the Intellectual Property competition.
Disability Services
The newly developed Banner system
for university students with disabilities
was implemented to track and monitor
In addition, many academic units
within UAEU programs regularly seek
international accreditation, where there
are appropriate accrediting bodies.
Examples include UAEU’s innovative
Bachelor of Science in Information
Technology, which received accreditation
by the Computing Accreditation
Commission (CAC) of ABET, the most
prominent accreditation body based
in the USA responsible for accrediting
engineering, computing, applied science,
and technology degree programs. An
18 month review process by ABET that
took place during 2010 and 2011. The
accreditation also extends retroactively
to degrees completed as far back as Fall
Other accreditation efforts are under
way, and a team of external reviewers
from the US, Canada and Germany
recently visited the College of Humanities
and Social Sciences to complete a
comprehensive review of the English
Literature Department. In addition,
the College of Education received
international recognition from the Center
for Quality Assurance in International
Education (CQAIE) for its Education
undergraduate program and for its
graduate program for the first time.
Information Resources & Services
The Libraries Deanship expanded its
content holdings of electronic books,
digital reference resources, and
e-journals, now reaching a total of
approximately 100,000 e-books, and 50
scholarly electronic journal packages and
databases, giving all UAEU faculty and
students access to thousands of journals
Print Books & Documents
While the Library strategy for collections
is to expand digital information resources,
it is also to maintain a dynamic and
manageable collection of print books.
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