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UAEU Annual Report
To strengthen the educational
experience and better prepare the
Emirati National leaders of the future, the
University has focused on reforming both
undergraduate and graduate education.
The objective is to provide a unifying
undergraduate educational experience
within a research culture, to enhance the
university life experience.
Student Recruitment &
Operational units of the Enrollment
Deanship distributed enhanced
recruitment materials to more than
24,000 prospective students and
secondary school personnel, processed
applications and admission for 5,056
new undergraduate and graduate
students, scheduled 8,000 sections and
final examinations, conducted on-line
registrations for over 40,000 student
instances, processed and recorded
120,000 final grades, verified degree
completion and prepared and distributed
diplomas for 1,808 graduates, issued
9,040 official transcripts and attestations,
and billed graduate students and
sponsors for tuition and fees.
Online Graduate Admission
An Online Admission Application for
potential candidates into UAEU graduate
programs, with the ability to upload
documents, was implemented this year,
which helped to attract top applicants.
The University was an active participant in
the following exhibitions; NAJAH, GETEX,
Al Ain Career Fair, Careers UAE, Schools
Educational Fairs.
Undergraduate Math Placement
After successfully piloting the COMPASS
Math test for preparatory Math
placement and exemption, UGRU has
now adapted its three semester-length
courses into three, quarter-length
modules (eight weeks each) that focus
specifically on the Algebra, College
Algebra and Trigonometry COMPASS
packages, which are administered at
placement. This focused approach targets
the prerequisite skills needed for College
Math courses and enables students to
enter College studies more quickly and
better prepared.
Records, Registration, &
A new class and room scheduling
process in cooperation with the facilities
management contractor for the new
campus, Khadamat, scheduled all male
classes for Fall 2012 on the new campus,
completing the initial registration for the
new campus, and printed over 4000 ID
cards for male students to access the new
Additionally, implementation and on-
going support of the extension of
the “Banner�? system to UGRU allows
students to register online. The UGRU
School Outreach initiative targeted early
preparation of high school students,
so that development towards the
benchmark entrance exams starts in
grades 11 and 12, thus reducing the
extent of foundation studies that are
needed on joining the University.
Goal 2
Strengthening the Education
Jan 21, 2013
Dec 7, 2017