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Student Activities

Cultural & Heritage Activities

The Cultural and Heritage Activities Unit hosts a variety of folk events from different countries. It also organizes cultural events and collaborates with various cultural and heritage centers around the country. The culture & heritage activities include: cultural lectures, poetry evenings, workshops and preparing heritage and traditional events.

Sports and Recreational Activities

The Sports and Recreational Activities Unit puts a great emphasis on students’ health and physical fitness, and encourages students to exercise and participate in sports activities. The unit offers a range of sports programs, recreational facilities and services designed to contribute to the students' personal growth and academic achievement. Physical fitness programs include courses in aqua-aerobics, self-defense, meditation, swimming, psychological health, and body energy. Students can also choose from an array of activities such as, football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, chess, swimming, squash, boxing and kickboxing. The University provides both male and female students with a state-of-the-art health club.

Theatre & Fine Arts Activities

Aiming to develop the students' talents and hobbies, the Theatre & Fine Arts Activities Unit supports activities in music, theatrical events, art exhibitions and events of visual arts. The unit also provides an opportunity for students to improve their level of performance through specialized courses and seminars on discovering talents and developing them, encouraging teamwork and establishing participating teams in local and international events, cultivating emerging talents and nurturing creativity, and promoting students' artistic skills.

Leadership & Student Organizations

The Leadership & Student Organization Unit strives to prepare students to be positive examples of leadership excellence and social consciousness in our global world. Because each of us has a different journey and a different story, we recognize the need for differing opportunities of access, approach, connections and outreach. We hope you find a program or experience within our programs that fits into your abilities to lead and excel. Please join us and part of the volunteering program, activities organizers team, student leaders team and many more opportunities you should not miss.  Students can also avail of the many student clubs organized by our unit.

May 23, 2016