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Guidelines to follow when dining in the residential units’ restaurants

  1. Students should abide by the specific opening times of the restaurants to eat their meals.

  2. Entry should be through the doors of catering halls and not through the staff only doors.

  3. Eating food is allowed for students residing in the residential units only.

  4. Visitors or students who do not reside in the University’s residential units are allowed to request and pay for their meals.

  5. The eating permit is allowed to be used only twice for each student during the semester according to the conditions stated in the permit.

  6. Using a university card of another student to eat meals is not allowed.

  7. Students should behave appropriately when dining in the restaurant.

  8. Students should wear decent and modest clothes while in the restaurant lounge.

  9. Student should respect the property owned by the University and the catering company, and they should not take utensils (such as trays, cups, spoons, knives, forks .... and other utensils) outside the restaurant lounge.

  10. The restaurant is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings in the restaurant.

  11. In the event of any queries or comments, please speak to the dietician at the restaurant lounge during meal service.


Aug 4, 2016