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Laundry Services

Self-service laundry is available for free to students in all student housing units. Laundry rooms include washing machines and automatic dryers.

Maintenance Services

There is a maintenance team located in each housing unit to provide emergency maintenance and support services 24 hours a day.

As well as the free daily maintenance services, quarterly maintenance is completed before the beginning of each semester, and public maintenance is carried out on all buildings every six months. Periodic general maintenance is also done in accordance with the preventative maintenance plan.


Cleaning Services

There is a specialized team in place to clean all residential units.

Cleaning services take care of public facilities, internal hostel roads and walkways, common rooms, TV rooms, sports halls, study rooms and bathrooms on a daily basis and throughout the day.

Medical Services

Within each student housing unit there is a 24-hour health clinic licensed by the Health Authority, with certified medical staff. There is an ambulance service on call 24 hours a day, in case of emergencies.

PC Labs & Internet Services

Students can utilize the PC labs which provide modern computers, wireless internet access, printer and scanners. 

Safety and Security Services

All student rooms and buildings are equipped with the latest alarm systems for early warning in the case of a fire. Fire hoses and extinguishers are located throughout the buildings, along with emergency stairs and exits. The University conducts regular fire drills.
Security guards are assigned to each housing unit to keep a constant watch around the housing areas. The safety of our residents is of the highest priority.

Transportation Services

UAEU buses provide free air-conditioned shuttle buses which run regularly during the day between the students’ campus accommodation and the UAEU Colleges. The University also provides free transportation for all housing students to their respective emirates every Thursday and back to UAEU every Saturday.
Please visit the transportation services page for future details.

Transportation Services for International Students

Free transportation is available for international students to and from any airport in the UAE, at the time of departure or on return to campus.

Due to the generous contribution of HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, free air transportation is also provided to students from Delma. 

Social Club

Each Housing Unit has a Housing Social Club which organizes regular social, cultural, art and sports activities.
Services and Recreational Facilities:
Student residences have recreational facilities which offer regular sporting, artistic, cultural and social activities including most or all of the following:

Study and Prayer Facilities:

1. Study rooms
2. Prayer rooms and mosques
3. Meeting and lecture rooms

Recreational Facilities:

1. Sports and entertainment halls
2. Modern gyms equipped with a wide range of the best available equipment
3. TV lounges
4. Cafés and minimarts
5. Libraries and reading centers
6. Football, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts
7. Artificial grassland
8. Beach Ball Playground (Seeh Bin Ammar Students’ Housing unit only)

Apr 17, 2017