Academic Personnel Office

The Academic Personnel Office (APO) is responsible for facilitating the recruitment, appointment, development, appraisal, performance evaluation, promotion and retention of academic employees, in accordance with University Policies and Procedures. The Office oversees, develops, interprets, and implements the University Policies and Procedures that are related to the faculty and other members of the academic personnel community. It provides technical and administrative services and acts as an up-to-date source of information in all areas related to academic personnel.

The Office works closely with the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Provost), Faculties, Academic Departments, Human Resources, other departments, and Academic Employees on all matters related to academic personnel. The Director of the Academic Personnel Office provides leadership, management and administration to the APO, oversees its operations, and reports to the Provost.

The Faculty Handbook provides useful information and statistics for current and prospective faculty. Whether you are looking to join the UAEU or are already an academic employee, I am confident that you will find the information contained in this site of assistance.



May 2, 2017