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The Procurement Department plays an essential role in providing for the needs of the University in relation to the goods and services required following the procurement policies and procedures in place at the University. It also provides support and advice to all Colleges and departments in all matters relating to procurement. The department is also playing an active role in the follow-up of purchase orders and various contracts issued by various Colleges and departments whilst monitoring the procedures.

Procurement Section 

The Procurement Section provides the Colleges, departments and units in the University with the required materials in a timely manner, at the right price, with acceptable quality and completes the purchasing transactions. In addition to this, it provides the issuance of purchase orders, supervises the purchasing operations and also provides support and advice to procurement officials. The materials are provided from several destinations in the United Arab Emirates and abroad in accordance with the policies and systems in place at the University.

Tenders and Contracts Section

The Tenders and Contracts Section deals with making contracts and managing service contracts on a yearly basis such as maintenance contracts, hygiene and nutrition, and all insurance contracts, etc. Moreover, it deals with the pricing agreements and follow-up implementation and renewal.

Store Section

The Store Section receives the items returned or damaged or that are no longer required by the Colleges and departments of the University and stores these in the warehouse until an appropriate decision is taken.



Jun 5, 2014