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Does UAEU employ UAE Nationals?

UAEU welcomes male and female UAE Nationals to apply for any position.

How do I find out about the latest vacancies at UAEU?

Most of our vacancies can be viewed on our job vacancies site: https://jobs.uaeu.ac.ae/.

How do I apply for a job at UAEU?

We only accept applications and CVs through our website https://jobs.uaeu.ac.ae/. If you encounter difficulties applying through our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I apply to more than one vacancy?

Yes, you can apply for multiple vacancies.

Is my application information kept confidential?

Yes, all applications are kept strictly confidential.

What are the working hours of UAEU and when is the weekend?

UAEU offers flexible 7.5 working hours a day. The weekend is on Friday and Saturday. 

What are the professional development opportunities available for U.A.E. Nationals working at UAEU?

UAEU supports the training and development of its employees. The Human Resources Department arranges training courses that support the departments’ needs.

Is the subscription to the local medical plan mandatory?

Yes, by law the Emirate of Abu Dhabi requires mandatory  health coverage for those whom reside in the UAE. No residence permit will be issued for non-subscribers to any of the local medical insurance plans.  UAEU offers a free comprehensive group medical plan.

Who is eligible for the UAEU medical plan?

The UAEU employees, their spouses and three children less than 18 years old who actually reside in the UAE. The spouse will not be eligible if and/or when they work for another entity. It is the responsibility of the employee to report the status to the Health Insurance Section whenever the status changes.

 Is there is a limited time period to submit claims for reimbursement?

Yes, all claims with adequate documentations should be submitted to the provider via the medical insurance office:

  • Within 120 days from the treatment date, for both local and overseas claims.
  • Failure to submit claim forms within the specified time period shall revoke the rights to get reimbursed.

How can I come to the UAE once I have been offered a job?

The UAEU will arrange issuance of a free entry permit visa for employment purposes for the selected candidates.

What are the advantages of working at UAEU?

There are many advantages to working at UAEU:

  • UAEU is the first government and research based university established in the UAE.
  • You become part of a University that plays a vital role in the development and advancement of the UAE and the broader community.
  • You will be provided with the opportunity to gain more experience, knowledge and skills whilst working in a multicultural environment.
  • You will receive an attractive benefits package.
  • UAEU has an excellent working environment.
  • UAEU offers flexible working hours.


May 28, 2014