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Multaqa organizes various exciting cultural, social, artistic and athletic activities to meet the needs of all community members, Multaqa is keen on hosting various of seminars and lectures by the university department and collage in addition to its role in community service by hosting number of events organized by the government and private authorities.

Social and cultural activities

Aim to consolidate social relations between members of the university family and contribute to raising cultural and religious awareness by:

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  • sd
  • ar
  • arf
  • Providing programs, activities, social and educational evenings, lectures, seminars and cultural meetings

  • Organizing social, recreational and shopping trips within the UAE; allowing members to get acquainted with each other and make friends; the exchange of experiences and visiting tourist areas in the UAE.

  • Overseeing public events such as holidays, national days, graduation ceremonies and special events such as condolences and baby showers, etc.

  • Seeking discounts and reductions for members in different areas.

  • Contributing to the organization of training courses for staff.

Feb 5, 2017