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Health Club

Whether you are looking to get in shape or participate in team sports, the Heath Club is the place to go. The sports facilities are open to students, faculty and staff for a variety of recreational and competitive athletic activities. The Health Club staff also actively pursue developing and improving the level of sports in the UAE through athletic championships, symposia and training courses. The Health Club provides state-of-the-art facilities that include:

Fitness Centers

Our fitness centers are located in both the male and female campus. They have a wide range of exercise equipment that include free weights, and weight training and cardio machines, along with classes and fitness programs designed to suit individual needs. Friendly and qualified fitness trainers are available daily to provide guidance and supervision, as well as to answer all questions regarding fitness, nutrition and safety.

Swimming Pools

A 50-meter Olympic indoor swimming pool is available on both the male and female campus for lap swimming, training sessions and competitions. Men's and women's facilities featuring storage lockers, showers and restrooms are available in the pool area.

Lifeguards are available during operational hours and make the final decision on all safety and hygienic matters.

Sports Courts and Multipurpose Halls

Our Health Club features two indoor courts that can be used for playing basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton or tennis in both organized sports and free recreation. Outdoor courts are also available. They can also be used for a variety of activities such as aerobics classes, martial arts training and much more.

Exercise Halls

Aerobics sessions and circuit training are conducted in our exercise hall, which has all the relevant equipment such as mats, exercise balls and a built-in sound system and radio for listening to music. The exercise hall also offers members of the UAEU community a large space to exercise individually.

Jul 15, 2014